Thermal Paste Advice: Installing a HDT on a 1366

I found this thread on the subject ( but I didn't find a satisfactory answer.

Does anyone own a heatsink with HDT technology?

I'm going to install a Dark Knight onto a Core i7 Chip with OCZ Freeze and I have consulted a few different sources on the subject.

1. Some pros apply strictly to the CPU (and spread) and do not fill in the gaps on the HDT (gaps between the pipes on the bottom) an example: Basically he applies directly the CPU and not the Dark Knight

2. The instruction manual for the DK says to apply and spread directly to the bottom of the HDT (no mention of the CPU) <--- PDF Warning

3. OCZ Freeze's website instructs that no spreading is necessary (not so sure about this) and to apply to the CPU (

Obviously any of these ways will work, but I want to know the best/proper way if there is one. At some point I want to overclock and do not want to have to remove the heat sink because it wasn't reaching it's maximum efficiency.

A few things I learned:

You should fill in the gaps of HDT heat sinks regardless of whether or not you choose to apply directly to the CPU or just the Heat sink itself. (

So does anyone have any experience with this ?

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Most of the people I've seen using those direct contact coolers just put a line down each of the contacts.
  2. I put a small dab on the CPU and let the HSF do the work of spreading it. I use OCZ FreeZe.
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