[Network Printer] Receives printjobs, won't print...

Okay, my problem is that I can't get my networked printer to print anything at all. Here are the pertinents:

I'm on WinXP and installed the printer on a TCP/IP port using the Toshiba esutdio453 PCL6 driver (also tried the XPS and PS ones, too). I can access the printer via my browser and see the logs and change all the settings. Everything I try to print (including test pages) shows up in the printer logs with all the pertinent information, but nothing actually prints. It says Pages=0.

What am I doing wrong? I've tried to setup a regular port, in both RAW and LPR, and I've used \\printeraddress\print as the port which requires no additional configuration. I've tried changing the RAW port from 9001 to 10001 (saw on a forum somewhere).

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  1. Are you sure you don't need to create a Standard TCP/IP printer port using the IP address of the printer?

  2. I tried that too. Both a standard TCP/IP using my printers address and the \\printersip\print

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