Computer very very slow even with a fresh install

I have a self built computer
AMD Athlon II X3 Triple Core 2.7 Ghz
2 Gb ddr2 ram
600W power supply
250 Gbit maxtor hard drive
Axle Geforce 9500gt video card with 1 gb video ram
Running windows xp with service pack 3

My son got a virus and tried to fix it himself he removed some file or another and we had to start over.(Windows xp could not be repaired) Ever since the computer is running so slow My old commodore 64 booted faster. I have run several tests on the ram and the hard drive. everything checks out fine. Even tried a spare hard drive still s l o w. We have not even tried getting on the internet yet so there can be no virus left. I am at my wits end. Any ideas
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  1. Get "SIW" (System Information for Windows) free,

    Run it and click CPU Info. This will show the front side bus speed, multipliers, CPU speed and much more.

    Your BIOS may have your speed reduced. Just remember, DDR2 memory speed is twice the clock speed (800Mhz memory is clocked at 400Mhz), so don't set something in your BIOS that will cook your memory or CPU.

    Also, it is not enough to load Windows. You must install the mainboard chipset drivers as well as all other hardware drivers.

    Commodore 64?? I still have one of those, they were great little game players back when. [:tigsounds]
  2. Make sure you have quick boot enabled in the BIOS. Make sure the hard drive is the first boot device.

    Run msconfig, and make sure you have only the necessities set to startup with windows.

    Check the device manager, and make sure your hardware is being recognized correctly.
  3. I am currently having the same problem with the same CPU. I just did a new build and a fresh install of windows.. The PC runs very slow. I did the same group of windows updates on the new pc and a netbook and the net book blew it away..
  4. Try changing your battery it took me 12hrs to load new operating system. changed battery works like new computer. Dell Optiplex gx270 .
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