me,my a8n sli se and 7600gt

hi firstly i'd like to say i'm from a third world country where getting pc parts is pretty hard so don't flame me for all the questions and i also haven't been keeping up to date with pcs.

ok i have an a8n sli and my pc shut down in the middle of warcraft 3...well the monitor was on and sound was playing but nothing else...
this happened a few times then it started happening just as started windows then during the windows loader and now the computer doesn't even register on the screen at all...but i do hear the beeping sounds...

so lets see my first thought was the fans i cleaned my pc's fans couldn't clean the graphics card fan..long story..
didn't work

next i have read that if i put the card in the second slot it should work at 1x which should at least say my card is working...testing that tomorrow because i can't remember how the hell to take out the damn card...(anyone got any ideas? there's this wierd clippy thing and my fat fingers can barely reach it)

next i've been looking around amazon looking for a new graphics card and my current is a 7600gt which plays lots of games very nicely not ABSURDLY GREAT but at least no slow down on cod4/crysis....not sure how high my graphics were...anyway my ideas are...


its hard to buy from anything that isn't amazon cause again i say...3rd world country...

my 3 other questions are...whats the best upgrade card for my 7600gt thats compatible with whatever version of pcie my a8n has?
and um
whats a good upgrade board if my board happens to be shot?taking into consideration my 7600gt(long story)
and um
i heard that ddr2 isn't compatible with my board in anotehr of your posts and yet the guy was buying an is that even possible???
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  1. ASUS A8N-SLI is socket 939. 939 is a discontinued socket. Very dificult to find a 'new' replacement MB. Used on Ebay would be your best bet. The 9600GT you have listed will run fine on the A8N-SLI. In fact you can run two 9600GT's in SLI at 8 x 8. I currently have two 7600GT's in SLI on my A8N-SLI. DDR2 is not compatible with your MB. It takes DDR. PC3200 400MHz is what I have. Any number of things could cause your system to lock up like that. The list is long...heat, video card driver, RAM, PSU, video card, and on and on. I would suggest you invest in a completely new system should the A8N-SLI have gone bad. Want one of my 939 systems? I have four up and running. 8)
  2. Seeing as most of your stuff was answered,

    i heard that ddr2 ddr2 isn't compatible with my board in anotehr of your posts and yet the guy was buying an 8800gt 8800gt is that even possible???

    Its possible because there is a difference between the ram on the motherboard, and the ram that the video card uses. Your motherboard takes DDR(1), while your video card can use whatever it wants.
  3. i just want to say thank you very much for your answers i'm currently trying to find a friend with a card that can work with my pc...not many people i know have PCIE cards...and i'm having trouble taking my card out....i don't know...i hate this so much...
  4. Find someone with thinner fingers? For my motherboard, there is a tab, you push it down towards the bottom of the case.
  5. my mobo is giving trouble it seems because all the other parts work...
    tried them in another pc...

    whats a good upgrade for a mobo that would last me til maybe mid next year to 2010?
  6. Thats also S939 and can be found in a "third world country"? I honestly have no idea. In the USA, its hard to find any S939 stuff. It might be easier or even harder for where you are. Take a look around and tell us what IS available, and how much it costs. I/we can then tell you which is the best buy.

    If you are planning to upgrade again in 2010 or so, your best choice is probably whatever is cheapest, yet still reliable. To buy a higher end board right now, only to toss it 2 years from now is not the best of ideas. (unless you have a bunch of money and don't care.)
  7. i got it up and running by changing my graphics card to my brother's 6600 gt....don't know what that really changed but...
    when i go into safe mode it freezes(not BSOD) and when i go into the normal start up it gets stuck before the vista sign comes up

    my southbridge fan is burnt and i'll be changing that in a couple hours so i'll see if thats the cause...

    thanks again for any ideas and comments.
  8. i reinstalled vista(and please don't make this into a vista sucks thread)
    and i'm currently having 3 screens(which i think i've narrowed down to my pci sound card(onboard got fried somehow) it randomly freezes during the splash screen when starting up the bios(i've come to taking out the battery on the motherboard(CMOS battery i think?) and the pc starts up when i put it back in).....after long term use my computer freezes no blue screen just a freeze and there's nothing saying what happened in the event viewer....this happens pretty randomly sometimes also like yesterday i played WOW for 3 hours without a prob(sound was off due to that sound problem thing)....then the night before it crashed during typing work for my chem class that i teach...
    i put a msi fan at the bottom right chipset thingy my old fan had stopped working but the MSI fan can't fit so well its like half on half off so i am wondering if this cooling just isn't enough....
    i'm not the best at pc's but i'm willing to learn whatever you can talk to me about...

    whats the northbridge and whats the southbridge?

    the one at the BOTTOM RIGHT that you plug to the bottom right of the board is the one giving m etrouble....i don't know what its called?

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