Getting rid of RAID 0 set-up. Is it advisable?

OK I've been having some issues with my RAID 0 set-up. This is the first time I've created one and thus far its been ok but seems redudant as the HD editing I was going to do on my set-up I now do at work. I use my computer for personal internet, word processing, etc. But also do some basic SD video editing with Adobe Premiere.

The problem is I'm having issues with monitoring the set-up as I'd prefer to be able to monitor their temperature etc. (S.M.A.R.T seems to disapear for whatever reason in BIOS) and I also like to use ASUS Express Gate which isn't compatible with RAID.

As such I am thinking of getting rid of RAID 0 and just using the two drives seperatley. One for O/S, files etc. The other as a dedicated drive for Premiere. Will this be ok as I don't do any High Definition video editing as previously mentioned. I'm guessing this will be ok as I'm using 8GB DDR3 RAM with a Phenom II X4 955 processor, so editing with a dedicated drive should ensure no bottlenecking? Is that correct?

Also will I have to re-install my O/S if I delete the array. I'm guessing so, this wouldn't be an issue as have backed up all files.

Any advise would be appreciated.
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  1. yes, you need to reinstall the OS (or at least image the array and restore to a single drive if you know how to do that, have an extra drive to store the image, and the array is less than half full). No it wouldn't be a problem. It may be lower performance if you do something disk intensive, but not a problem. In any case, back up everything you care about.
  2. You might actually get better performance with two separate drives. Put your source on one drive and the output on the other and see how you do. The theory is that there will be minimal disk arm contention with two separate drives. I would be interested to see your results if you would conduct a test both before and after.
  3. Thanks for that guys. I will conduct a test before and after and post the results for you as well geofelt.
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