upgrading TNT2 Model 64 16 MB in a Netvista

I have an IBM Netvista A40p 6840-EAU Pentium III 866 MHz, 256MB memory, 40 GB HD,with a CD-ROM drive, DVD/CD-RW combo drive. It has a 200 Watt power supply. I am currently looking into upgrading the video card in this machine. The machine currently has a Nvidia TNT2 Model 64 16 MB card in it right now that is running at 4x.

So far my choices have been really narrowed between a Radeon 9000 and a Radeon 9550. I have heard that the Radeon 9550 requires a larger power supply.

1) I do not know if the IBM Netvista A40p's power supply is proprietary.
2) I do not wish to upgrade the power supply at this time.

I am limited to purchasing the card from Amazon.

The reason I am upgrading this card is because Guild Wars and The Sims 2 require a faster card.

which card should I get?
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  1. Better off saving the money and buying a new machine.
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