Sound problem. Maaybe something with sound card.

So, one or two weeks ago my PC when the winamp or other player was turned on started to crashing the sound. Maybe not crushing, but you know, the sound is horrible. For example, the song is turned on and e.g. I only hear bass, or maybe only guitar and somewhere deep deep I here a vocal. Why it's happening? Is it that e.g. sound cards drivers are old or maybe the problem technical?

I know that it's something with PC because I tried to play 2 different headphones and the problem was the same.

Thanks for help and sorry for bad English, :)
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  1. Happened to me before.
    Try this:

    1) If you have a seperate sound card, resit it in it's slot (remove it and replace it making sure it is properly sited in the slot)

    2) Remove all sound drivers and reinstall them. Always remember to reboot after uninstalling the drivers and after installing the new ones.

    3) If problem persists, changing slot for the sound card and try resseting the PCI devices in the BIOS (last attempt, small chance of working but still worth it)

    4) If problem stil persists, try sound card in a different PC

    If it works fine there then it is either an IRQ conflict which changing the slots and resetting the PCI devices should have solved in (3).

    If it still does the same, then the sound card has probably a problem. Hence, get a new one or send the one back for repairs in case it is under warranty.

    If you have onboard sound, there is not much you can do; try the drivers trick first, if nothing works get a seperate sound card.

    Good luck!

    PS: download and use the latest drivers for your sound card from the manufacturer's website.
  2. Did you try using other players other than Winamp?
    Do they all sound the same?
    Maybe it is just a Winamp setting...
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