Should I upgrade to XFX 790i Ultra from Striker II NSE?

Hey all

Look, I've been experiencing numerous problems with my Striker II NSE and have pretty much had a gutfull of the ASUS made mobo.

Usual problems include the infamous 'CPU INIT' error, memory compatability issues (even after flashing to latest version), sometimes the board will not start and needs to be left for several hours before pressing the power button.

I have been reading up on the XFX 790i Ultra - and have heard nothing but great stuff! The only down point so far has been the fact that it comes bundled with software to BIOS flash in windows (which you should never do anyway).

I'm running a Q9550 @ 3.2, 8GB G skill DDR3 1600, 2 X GTX 280 Ex Ed - has anyone experienced any compatability issues with the board?

I'm going to RMA the Striker II, then sell the board when I get it back. In the mean time, I need to find a replacement mobo so that I don't miss out on any gaming to be had.

Does anyone think this is a bad idea - to RMA Striker II and purchase an XFX 790i? I just want a board that works straight up, but allows easy but substantial overclocking options.

Is it worth sacrificing the (possibility of a) Tri SLI setup of 3 X PCI-E 2.0 (x16) cards for 2 X PCI-E 2.0 (x16) and 1 X PCI-E 1.0 (xslow)?

If the XFX 790i board runs first time - I will swear to never purchase an ASUS product again.

Can I get some feedback off you guys? Advice is always very welcome.
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  1. If you ask me, I'd go with only EVGA nvidia boards. Are they much better than the others? Not really. At least they devote a forum to the community which is growing and helping each other out. Also, they offer lifetime warranty and step up. Their support is quite good. i.e. cross-ship RMA (you send your board in and they send one out at the same time).
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