When are OC/non reference 4850s coming out?

I was gonna get a 4870, then I decided to save some money and get the 4850 because I can always crossfire it later. I'm gonna buy one next month (I got sidetracked buying the iPhone) and I'm wondering if they are gonna release an OC version or one that is dual-slot or at least doesnt have a reference cooler. I plan on buying a second one next year probably if I need it. Thanks
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  1. I'd actually like to know too. I figured someone would've fiddled with the reference 4850/4870 design by now. In fact, even the GTX 260/280 designs haven't been touched for the most part. Rather odd...
  2. Doesn't it usually take 3-4 months until non-ref cards show up?

    It's been two weeks...
  3. I read somewhere HIS and Asus have non-refs planned for early August. Just rumors as far as I can tell. But it mentioned them targeting the same time as the 9800gtx+ whenever that is.
  4. 9800GTX+ was supposed to release already. I think it was projected as being mid-July. Well, we're here at mid-July, but the card isn't.
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