ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 vs NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

The question is pretty much in the topic, which one is better? the radeon 3650 or a geforce 8600 gt?

Edit: i guess a better question would be which computer is better for gaming:
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  1. anyone? 0.o
  2. Ick. Those cards won't game very much. Is that really all you can afford?

    Edit - Oh, laptops... tricky things they are. Well, if I were you, I'd go with the Radeon. I think it's slightly better than the 8600GT and runs cooler and uses less power.
  3. well im not looking for like hardcore gaming or anything, ill probably mostly be playing steam, such as TF 2 and Source and stuff, WC3/SC2 (when it comes out) and lord of the rings online, i probably wont be playing crysis or AoC. and when compared to my Desktops 7300, they are pretty good :P
  4. How come your'e saying you think the 3650 is better? When I look at the benchmarks, I'm seeing that teh 8600 did better in more cases (at least as far as FPS goes for playing games). I do see the 3650 did better in the 3DMark tests which I don't understand; I'm kindof a hardware noob. But the 8600 smashed the 3650 at max resolution (1024x768) in F.E.A.R. with the 8600 getting 68fps and the 3650 only getting a barely playable 25 fps. What do you think?

    Here's the links to the benchmarks:

    8600 Benchmark:

    3650 benchmark:
  5. First of all, look at average and minimum FPS, maximum FPS are worthless. Second, the 3650 does equally well against the 8600 in Doom 3. So they're probably very comparable cards (read: equal). So I'd base it on price, and that the 8600's have been having meltdown troubles in laptops (Have been frying themselves).

    Price equal, I'd grab the 3650.
  6. Good point on the min/avg FPS, I didn't even notice the min and avg FPS numbers there (told you I was a hardware newb). :)
  7. Ati always had tradition of the best (least worst) minimum fps. And i think it matters most.
    I worked for years in an internet cafe chain, we had various pc setups, the pcs with ati had more stable fps without huge drops while nvidia's chips were going up to 120 and down to 20 quite often in games.
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