Overclocking the q9550 with water cooling

just wondering if4. anyone can post their bios settings of any overclock above 15ghz on the q9550 cpu. i got to 4.15 but i dont have the extreme knowledge of all the tweaks in the bios to overclock further. any help would be appreciated.

current spec:

Asus P5Q3 as my striker 2 extreme has broke:/
4gb corsair 1600mhz ram
gtx 285
2 x 32gb ssd's, 1tb hd
1000w modular coolermaster psu
coolermaster stacker 832 ndivida edition
custom water cooling
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  1. You want 15Ghz+ on the Q9550?
  2. well iv just realised my overclock isnt stable in prime95, so any help geting it as high as possible would be appreciated.
  3. You won't be able to get 15Ghz on a Q9550 with water cooling
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