Samsung 17" LCD blacks out when changing screen resolution

Hey everyone,

After we had a power break down one day something weird has happened to my Samsung 17" LCD screen. When I change the screen resolution to 1280x1024 it just blacks out. It doesn't say anything about no signal as it would usually do with signal issues.

However, the screen works perfectly with any screen resolution less than 1280x1024, but it is supposed to run with that resolution.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Best regards,
Christian :wahoo:
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  1. Are you running on DVI or VGA? If it has both connection types, have you tried both?
  2. Make sure your refresh rate isn't set higher than your montior is capable of running at that resolution.
  3. Well, I've tried both the VGA and DVI socket with the same result. Also, I'm currently running on 60 herz, is that too much?
  4. It shouldn't be - that tends to be the standard.
  5. It's really weird, and it all happened after a power out. Could something be messed up inside the screen, because it's really random.
  6. If you have another PC handy....try the same resolution with it....if it doesn't work....then you'll know it's the monitor.
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