Advice on a 4870 + e8400 build

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd muster up a conversation about building a budget gaming rig using an e8400 + HD4870.

Trying to keep the build around 700-800 dollars (reusing parts like DVD burner, LCD, mouse, OS, speakers etc.)

I've looked around this forum for a similar build and most people are content paying tons of extra money for a MOBO because they want the option of SLI or CF in the future. I'm not sure why people still do this, as the next generation cards usually beat or match last gen DUAL gpu's. Especially for budget gaming, single GPU seems the way to go.

Anyways, just looking for advice on putting together the essentials. CPU, MOBO, RAM, PSU, and OS.

CPU: probably going to buy an e8400. I like it's price/ performance. I'm not convinced of quad yet either, meh.

MOBO: Need help. I do NOT require two PCIE x16 slots, just one that supports a single Radeon 4870.

RAM: Probably just going to go to ncix or tigerdirect and buy the fastest pc 6400 ram I can afford, but specific brand advice would be apprecaited. I will probably do a medium OC on the 8400. Never overclocked before, but from what I hear this chip loves it. Is there anything regarding ram speeds I should know? Should I buy pc8500? (sorry, i know im noob :/)

PSU: Ive got a 500 watt ULTRA... which I will probably sell for a more well-known brand (although it powers 3 hard drives, an X1950, 2 opticals, X-fi sound, and a 3700 clawhammer just great!)

OS: I've got XP right now, but Vista has me curious. I've been reading that the viata drivers are worked out now, and the performance hit in games is not as significant as it was a year ago.... SOOOO that being said... is DX10 worth the upgrade? (especially since the 4870 is a DX10 card) I don't like using TWO operating systems either haha... so no dual-booting please :|

Thats aobut it, the rest of the components are easy. I just hope I can cram all this stuff into my 4 year old case :/

See ya and thanks for the replies :)
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  1. A P45 chipset mobo is almost certainly the way to go, and I doubt that PC8500 RAM is worth it on a budget build at all (I'm actually continually less convinced that it's ever worth it, though I own 4GB of the stuff).

    If you're having trouble with budget limitations, you could look at the 4850, which is also a very solid performer on almost all games at budget-PC resolutions.
  2. ok bugget build no OS 800.00 max lets do this

    E 8400 cpu cost 184.00

    P 35 MoBo cost 89.00

    G.Skill ram 8500 2x2gig cost 89.00

    Hard Drive 640 GB cost 94.00

    Antec 300 case cost 70.00

    GPU 4870 cost 300.00

    PSU 750W cost 100.00

    That puts us at 934.00

    We can Change the GPU and use a 4850 for 100 dollar saving.

    that brings us to cost 834.00

    Let see to get under 800 we can go with the E7200 CPU
    cost 130.00

    So a grand total of 780.00 for the budget build
  3. No reason to change PSU with this build if it's working fine already.
    P43 Gigabyte motherboard has the PCIex16 2.0 socket $116
    E8400 $220
    Corsair DDR2 800 RAM 2X2 GB 4-4-4-12 $105 after rebate, but rebates end soon.
    Windows Vista home premium 64 bit OS $116
    HD4870 $309
    $866 after rebates, before shipping and taxes
    if wanted a Corsair 450w - 550w PSU
  4. You could knock a chunk off the above system by going with a P31/P35 motherboard with a PCIex16 1.0 socket. Knock a bit more off by shopping around for RAM probably. good luck
  5. you can use vista
    i use it for more than half a year now and havent had a single problem. even without SP1 it is useable. with SP1 it's just faster in games. very fast, to say the least
    if you play modern games, imo vista is a must. since you have a very fast system, vista is ideal to really use that speed
    you might overclock your 8400 to something like 3,6 though. trust me, you wont regret it, you will see the difference. and 3,6 is like the barrier where power usage and heat isnt yet exponentially over the roof and your chip wont be damage on the long time run
    if you really wanna push it, you can put it to at least 4,2, and it will still last at least 3, 4 years on you (when a core2 design dualcore will be useless anyway)
    have fun!
  6. Vista is generally a little bit slower than XP, but the performance difference is quite negligible as long as you have at least 2GB RAM. Vista can actually be faster at some things, like Folding@Home, but that isn't applicable to you.

    Add this mobo to HoustonSerenity's list (his link goes to the E8400):
  7. even in iran e8400 have lower cost than 220$.
    you are kidding" dirtmounta in "? isn't it?
  8. Yea I can get an E8400 for $193 in Australia. Last month they were $250. The E8500 is still $340+
  9. Don't blame me for Canadian dollars. There's no way in the world i'd possibly suggest that he have a friend in the States order it for him and then ship it across National boundaries mislabeled as low cost agricultural parts.
  10. I find it hard to believe that is the cheapest you can get. Australia is always more expensive. This is quite surprising.
  11. Sorry about that MoBo hyper link fixed now
  12. BTW randomizer love that kitty pic
  13. Here you go at e8400 retail for $200
    maybe better prices all around there
  14. The NXZT Tempest an alternative to the Antec 300. Its $100 and has pretty good air flow from what I hear.
  15. Also, you should reuse the Xfi you have, assuming it is a real Xfi (big in size, just like the fatality editions of today). Benchmarks never reflect sound but even the good on board of today's high end boards still do not have the raw processing power of an Xfi. When playing a game with a huge population around youy (WoW's capital cities, 64 FPS servers, ETC) then on boards can get a bit overloaded. Since you allready have it, use it :D

    And that 750W PSU is overkill IMO. This case is a nice Antec as well, with an Anteck 500W PSU. PSUs from companies like Antec, Enermax and other reputible suppliers are more than strong enough for your build.

    I LOVE my Antec 180/182 series case, but they are more pricey and larger. Sometimes you catch them on sale for about $80 though. Roomy and very very quiet... 550 W coolermaster, $45 after a $15 MIB 500W antec, likely the same or similar as the one in the case above. $60 OCZ 500, $40 after a MIB OCZ 600, $60 after a MIB. Good if you insist on >500. Cooler Master 500, $60 after a MIB 680W ultra high effenciency. if you pay the electric bill the extra cost could pay for itself over time...

    Dont go to cheap though. Generic PSUs can cause you headaches that you wont believe...
  16. i think united state is more expansive than my country!
    i got e8400 only for 173 $.i'm coufused now .what hell is this ?
  17. shayan08 said:
    i think united state is more expansive than my country!
    i got e8400 only for 173 $.i'm coufused now .what hell is this ?

    ...falling US dollar?
  18. May I suggest (for future reference) that you put $US, $AUS or $CAN, lol it's getting confusing.

    *Edit* ShopBot is an extremly good website to find canadian pricing:
  19. i talk about us$ if other talk about other $ i don't know.everyone got confused here about it.
  20. Amazing, you guys are grea. It's been less than 12 hours and there's already a million responses.

    Thanks to those who provided full builds as well WITH prices! I'm in no rush for this build, so I will probably look for sales or ebay at my convienence, haha.

    So really, you guys don't need to provide retail links + EXACT PRICES (Although sales are nice :)) save your time.... I jsut want to make sure I find quality parts that will work together.

    Alright, on that note: VISTA is a must huh? I can accept that, :/ 64 bit the way to go too?

    RAM: For vista should it be expensive 1x2gb or med-range 2x2gb?

    SOUND: yes, I have an X-Fi Xtreme Audio. Not sure if that qualifies as a "real" X-Fi... haha but it is made my them!

    MOBO: Toying between a P45 vs P35 then... The most important difference between the two seems to be PCIE 2.0? what is that about! lol? I love gaming haha, and if pcie is a must I will buy it... I just don;t know anything aobut it.

    What else.... Oh... yes I am from Canada... haha but don't worry aobut the EXACT costs. Ballpark figures are fine as I said, I will probably buy on ebay or locally on craigsist etc. And yes I do have american relatives, which often send me packages of low-cost agricultrual equipment :p
  21. PSU: yeah, I have an ULTRA X-connect 500 watt. I thought it was quality at the time, but i've been reading that they are not that great ??

    It powers alot of stuff right now 3 drives, 2 opticals, x1950pro, clawhammer cpu... but im worried its not enough for my new unit?

    Will the change to the 4870 + core 2 duo consume more power?
  22. Hard drive question: Ive got a spare 200gb SATA 150 I'd like to keep... why not. Is this backward compatable with the NEW SATA 300 motherboard connection?
  23. i avdvice you for ram get 4gb ballestix 800 cl4 they are not expensive but have good performance an ability to overclock.
    for my self i will buy x38 and if you want p35 or p45 i tell to get p45.
    p45 support for crossfirex but p35 no.
    and in p35 you get 2 pci-e 16X and 4x and p45 8x and 8x.
    otherwise p45 have ichr10 and p35 have ichr9.
    so you must choose between performance and price.
    your power is low better to get at least 600 watt psu.
    and don't worry abouy your hdd.
  24. I think 4gb is overkill, but It would be nice for Vista I think.

    and well I am not interested in crossfire or SLI at all... so I will not need that feature in a motherboard. p35 vs p45

    Sorry, whats ICHR9? ICHR10?

    ps: the X38's.... is that for nvidia boards?

    Im looking to use the 4870 so my options (for a single PCIE) are a p35/45 mobo right?

    Lastly, since were on the topic.... if ever (probably not though) I had the oppertunity to get a 4870x2.... is a crossfire mobo required for that?

    thanks :)
  25. G.Skill ram 8500 2x2gig cost 89.00 [...] 6820231166 ]

    is this worth it? I read that another poster said that 2x2gb of pc6400 would do the job just as well. Is the pc8500 a noticable improvement?

    but 90 bucks aint bad though!
  26. you don't need a CF mobo for a X2 card, to put it simply (as the 4870 is a bit more intricate) it makes it's own, self-contained, CF .

    The X38 and X48 are Intel, CF boards

    The p35/45 are a good choice
  27. Ok great, SO far:

    1. e8400
    2. P45 (unless i find a great deal on a p35)
    3. 4870
    4. Vista 64
    5. 4gb of ram to power vista (lol)
    6. reusable PSU? case, HDD's

    Still just wondering if an older sata 150 drive is compatable with a sata 300 mobo?

    OH, and has the ATX standard really changed in the past few years? I've got some generic case that is a standard ATX, but i find its really cramped with 3 HD's, 2cd drives, and the x1950pro....

    Do i need a new, more spacious case....better on airflow etc? Isn't the 4870 like 10 inches??
    (no FULL TOWERS please!)
  28. ugh, recommendations on a TYPE of p45 mobo?

    Just want it for a SINGLE GPU, fast cpu and ram support, but i want it to be a solid performer too... nothing cheapo please!

    I just don't want to waste money on features i KNOW i do not want to use (like crossfireX)

    Thanks :)
  29. crossfire is'nt wasting money because all intel chipests have it.
    if you want 4870 than you can add another 4870x2 or whatever radeon car on it .p35 won't support another card but p45 and x38(andx48) support it.
    ICHR9. ICHR10 are intel sata controller (i think they are south bridge just i think)
    see difference of intel chipset here:

    x38 support 8gb ram p45 16gb ram.
    x38 pci-e are 16x and16X .p45 pci-e are 8x 8x
    at all they have no big difference at all.
  30. OH, what do we think aobut these?

    Seem to be better/ faster ram... and a decent price after MIR :)
  31. where did everyone go ?

  32. That stuff is fine. I wish it was that cheap here :(
  33. yeah, well in Canada its a little more expensive. NCIX does an ok job though.

    Alright, well Im mostly ready to build anyways.

    thanks to all who helped!! :)
  34. For a PSU id go for a coolermaster real power 700W modular Power supply.
    It powers my Oc'd HD4870 sonic dual edition 4300mhz memory 780 core clock speed + intel dore 2 duo at 4.0ghz + 4 gigs of OCZ DDR2 8000 + maxtor 160gig HDD SATA 2 + ASUS P5KC Mobo just fine.
    Ud probably be fine with a 600W PSU to be honest.

    i brought my PSU for under 70 pounds which i guess is about 130 USD.
    it comes with more cables than you would ever use and is modular (not completely though.) Mine runs at roughly 84% efficency and is very quite (cant hear it over my case fans :))
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