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I need the help.
I've just re-install Xp on my laptop ,but now i have the problem with my keyboard .The half of keyboard ( near enter key ) can not show correctly as my typing .When i type texts ,it shows the numeric stuff ( m to 5 ,l to 4 ....). How to solve it ?
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  1. Is it a laptop that you have?

    Generally this problem means you have the [NUM LOCK] key on so it changes the right side of your keyboard to numbers instead.

    Look on your keyboard for a [NUM LOCK] key and if it's in white press it then test and see if that turns off the NUM LOCK function.

    If however the [NUM LOCK] key has a different colour (like blue), then you may have to press the [FN] key as well as the [NUM LOCK] key.

    Try that and let me know.
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