Another E8400 temp thread!

Hey all. I'm new here. I've been reading all over the internet about the temp reading issues about this wonderful chip (after I bought it of course). Just to give a little back story about what I'm dealing with. I've built a good amount PCs for myself and friends. I'm a gamer but I don't really like to get into overclocking much.

Anyways, I'm having some conflicting reports on my core and CPU temps. I put a E8400 in my new ASUS P5N-D motherboard and slapped on an aftermarket cooler which I don't normally do. I usually just go with stock but I figured, why not. Booted up, bios is telling me I'm idling at about 45C. Huh? That don't seem right. Ok, fine. Shut it down, cracked open the case, took off the cooler, cleaned off all the thermal goo, reapplied it and reattached the cooler. Booted up, no change at all. Same temp. I thought, forget this expensive piece of trash. Took the heatsink off and threw on the stock one. Booted up with an idle temp of about 46-47C. I didn't understand why it was so hot. I've never had this problem before.

So I shrugged, loaded my OS on and grabbed myself RealTemp and CoreTemp to check out the cores. Now here's the odd part. Even though my bios/ASUS probe is telling me my CPU temp at idle is 46 degrees and above, as you can see below...

My cores are running relatively cool considering the stock cooling. The reading on the left is with a TJ Max of 105C and the one on the right is with a TJ Max of 95C.

Can anyone maybe explain why it's like this and should I be worried? The system runs stable as a rock...
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