What fans do I need to cool a mATX mobo?

I have the typical two 120mm rear fans and the tiny 80mm in the bottom front, but I heard mATX motherboards get pretty hot.

I was wondering how many side 120mm I would have to install in order to keep it cool. I know it depends on the air flow.

Any recommendations on 120mm case fans? I'm looking for silence as well.
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  1. Just to be clear, you're referring to micro ATX mobos right? The heat is due to the components being closer together, not necessarily a design flaw of the platform itself.

    Regardless whether or not I'm right about mATX referring to microATX mobos, I would first try to get a detailed picture of my components' running temps before considering adding to your cooling setup. Who knows, your CPU could be actually running at only 50C or even 40C under load? :P
  2. What are your temps?
    are you overclocking?
    Which case do you have?

    I'm asking this 'cause I don't think any system will get too hot under normal conditions, considering 2x 120mm fans (exhaust) and the PSU taking air out too.
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