WINDOWS 7 won't instal on my SSD

I try to re-instal my windows 7 by formating and installing my windows 7 I went in my bios and I put the boot on my DVD drive ( I even try with a USB key) and I prend any key to boot with the DVD drive then I see the withe bar loading (windows is loading files) then here the win 7 blue page then nothing it stop rigth there won't go further.
even if I set it up IDE or AHCI it just stop at the blue windows 7 page

help me please
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  1. How long did you give it to move past that screen? Give it at least 10min, and presumably it will move past that.
  2. can you get to the installer?, have you tried installing it with a hdd plugged in as well,

    if you click on advanced install settings you should see both drives

    if it dosnt work then,

    install win7 on a hdd, then use a program like clonezilla, norton ghose or a number of others

    then simply restore the image to your ssd
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