switched to dvi cable and now am confused

I have a 26" lcd screen and have been using a vga cable for quite a while, but just switched to dvi. Anyways, i changed the format ratio to 1X1 and it looks incredibly crisp, the vga wasnt bad but this is amazing compared to it, prob cuz vga isnt made for lcd's. ;) But now with the dvi, i cant adjust the size of the screen. As in, before i could adjust the screen size to fit the border, but now i cant. Its crisp and all, but theres a black border around all sides of it. I'm thinking the dvi only uses the number of pixels that the res is to keep it super crisp. Which would also mean that the resolution specs the manufacturer printed in the manual are false? Anyone know why this happens or how to fix it? Thanks, for now ill start playing with custom resolutions till one fills up the screen. :sol:
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  1. You can't adjust the DVI because of the way it works - unlike VGA, which is an analog stream of pixels, DVI literally tells it what each pixel should be, and as a result is exactly mapped. As for a black border, how much of a black border? If it is just a slight border, I wouldn't worry about it, as that is normal. Custom resolutions will just be more of a pain than it's worth. If it is a significant black border, then something is probably wrong

    Oh - it's 1920x1200, right?
  2. its a sort of wierd monitor... it says its 1080i and that the top res is 1920X1080, but that wont work, its prob my gpu not being powerful enough tho. And anyways i dont plan on gaming at that res anytime. as for the black lines, theyre about 1/2 in. on the top and bottom and 3/4 in. on each side. I could get used to it considering it is 1280X720p atm, which is better than its ever looked, but i personally consider those bars fairly significant. I only get this problem when i do 1X1 aspect ratio, when i do 16X9, the screen goes off each side by the same amount. I just realized, that there is no way its 1920X1080i. if its displaying the real pixels, then 720 pixels fills up about 94% of the vertical axis and 1280 pixels take up about 93% of the horizontal... (i just did a more accurate measurement and did some math). Thats kinda wierd. The other prob is that the dvi cable only allows me to use 2 resolutions. 1024X768 and 1280X720. I lost the few other resolutions i could run with vga, the most important one being 1600X1024(highest i could run on the video card with this monitor). And the 1024X768 only runs in 16X9 format which looks fuzzy for some reason. I think i got a crappy monitor, oh well, its several years old and was a gift so, idc.

    p.s. i have to sit further back cuz the monitor is hurting my eyes now, never did that b4......
  3. What video card are you using? Also include the specific monitor brand and model. At first glance, your symptoms appear to be an incorrect setting in the driver control panel, where the video card thinks you are outputting to an HDTV instead of a monitor. The border issue is a symptom of this, as you get the border from incorrect overscan adjustment with the driver thinking its outputting to a TV. You should be running the LCD at its native resolution of 1920x1200. You can either correct the monitor type or adjust the overscan settings to get rid of the black margins.
  4. My LG monitor has a setting for HDMI where the monitor either shows the picture at the pixel aspect it's given, or can be adjusted to scale fullscreen. Without knowing what specific monitor/TV you have I doubt anyone can give you proper advice.
  5. Make sure you are using your monitors native resolution or in otherwards the highest resolution it supports. And also DVI isn't bad or not made for lcd. DVI is actually really good, its digital and makes images better especially in games, but as for the borders i dont know, becuase i dont have them and i use DVI also.
  6. Sounds like your monitor is really a TV. I would try going through the options on it and see if you can adjust the image.
  7. see how 1366x768 works
  8. It does sound like it's actually a TV.

    1366x768 may do it...
  9. its a 26" Maxent, more specifically the computer recognizes it as a Maxdata/Belinea MX-26X3. I'm pretty sure its primarilly tv, it has several different video input options allowing multiple consoles, xbox, gamecube, etc. to be hooked up to it, as well as the vga and dvi and cable connector thing(no idea what its called). Although the manual describes it as an lcd monitor, its really a versatile piece of equipment. I'm running a 128mb geforce 6200, but am looking at a new cheap build involving an hd 4850 :sol: . hopefully that will fix some of it. Ive tried to run native res, it seems to have two though. Its runs both 1080i and 720p, which is probably why 1280X720p looks so sharp. But i had to change the format setting. Is 16X9 primarilly used for widescreen movies or is it supposed to be good with games too? and for "bc", 1366X768 used to work well but with this dvi thing, well, any words are difficult to read even up close. Umm... The monitor isnt hdmi capable, and neither is my video card so i dont know why it would recognize it as an hdtv...

    Edit-my bigger question is why the screen expands OFF the edges with 1280X720p with 16X9 format? i dont get it...

    Edit2- i found the hdtv thing you guys were talking about. I was able to play with the settings and shut it off and stuff. When i click the native resolution button it goes to what i have now with 1280X720, and doesnt fix the issue with hdtv on or off. Well now that ive found it, that gives you more ideas to throw at me i guess.
  10. neither 1366X768 nor 1360X768 work. Actually, they cause a huge issue where the picture is scrambled all over... Kinda wierd tho. The Nvidia driver section is saying the max res is 1366X768, yet i cant run this. Im a wee bit confused here... Just did the hdtv wizard thing to see if it would do anything special, and i can now fit 1280X720p with 16X9 formating on my screen, i just had to adjust the screen size thing with Nvidia. Prob is that it only stretched out the picture from where it could look best. I think my issue with the black bars earlier was just that im not running at the max res. Ill keep playing around trying to get 1366X768 to work, but idk what else i can try.

    Thanks a bunch, logging off for the night.
  11. Is this what you have http://www.maxentusa.com/_coreModules/eShopping/productDetail.aspx?productMasterID=15
    if so what you have is really a tv not a montior
  12. yep thats exactly what i have. So if im reading that right, then the max resolution is 1366X768, but the most displayable by a computer is 1280X1024?? This is kinda wierd, cuz why wouldnt it be able to display its max res from a computer? Looking to me like 1280X720 IS the native res, or as close to it as ill get...
  13. That certainly explains the black bars.
  14. looks like ill be living with the 24" viewable area rather than the full 26", oh well

    edit-forget what i said about the sound not working, i just had to restart the computer after moving the plugs.
  15. 1280x1024 is the closest standard computer resolution to the native resolution of the panel, however most ATI, not sure about nVidia, video cards can handle the native resolution of this panel.
  16. 1280X1024 results in the image being "squished" onto the screen. Everything is compressed and ugly looking. 1280X720 is the best thing working, second is 1024X768. Im having problems now with the overscan option. Everytime i change the res to 1280X720, it turns on the overscan option. That means the black bars grow to about 3" in ea side, and the image pans to other parts of my desktop when i move the cursor there. I can shut it off by changing settings ea time it happens, but its a pain. It also turns on the option even though it says its doing the native resolution thing, where it lines up the pixels from the vid card to the pixels on the screen. Its particularly bad since the res starts out at like 640X400 ea time the comp turns on, as it is with most people, and then changes to 1280X720. This means ive gotta do it ea time i start up. And worst of all, in games like Rome:total war, where i have different resolutions for the campaign map vs. the battle map, the overscan turns on in game. kinda impossible to fight a battle when u cant see the whole screen or all your units isnt it?
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