Final Thoughts Before Ordering?

Well i revised my original plans significantly, and i have arrived at what i think will be a killer rig for the $ I'm spending. Thanks for all the help from posters replying to my posts and replying to others'!! Houston, we are go for launch!

Here it is:

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
Western Digital Caviar RE2 WD1601ABYS 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive OEM
Mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 Model 996587
Pioneer 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA Model DVR-215DBK OEM
Antec 900
XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket
Arctic Silver 5
ATI 4870
Vista 32
An extra SATA cable
Zip ties

Anything Im forgetting (I have keyboard, mouse, printer, monitor, speakers, food, etc.)?? Anything recommended for changing??
PSU already ordered, because of a big sale price. Op system already purchased. HD will be raided later on probably. Monitor is 17in and will be upgraded to 24in.

This is it folks! The final blueprint for my first homemade rig ever! If i screw this up im out like $1350 with a struggling economy and no lunch money!!! Ahhhh!!! :pt1cable: Wish me luck, or more importantly give me some final advice! Thanks!

- Hypnotico
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  1. I'd say get 64-bit Vista. It'll make better use of your processor.

    Also, I'm not sure if you listed one there, but you may want a 3rd Party cooler for that 4870. Same for your Q6600 if want to OC it and get some bang for your buck.
  2. you should have gone with vista 64. otherwise you wont be able to utilize all 4 gigs of ram. Your motherboard should come with a sata cable already, why do you need an extra? Looks good otherwise.
  3. Agreed with the cheese on both points.

    That HD costs $67 (including shipping from newegg) for 160 GB and I don't think it even has PMR. The WD6400AAKS is 4 times bigger and costs $95.
  4. Where is everyone getting the 4870s from? Newegg has them out of stock.

    Also, does anyone know of a good VGA cooler to look at for the GPU.

  5. manosteel00 said:
    Where is everyone getting the 4870s from? Newegg has them out of stock.

    Also, does anyone know of a good VGA cooler to look at for the GPU.


    I think Thermaltake has some good ones, go check out their website.
  6. Zalman VF-1000, for example. Not sure it fits the 4870, but it does a great job with the 4850.

    Wait a bit until the drivers are patched, you might not need an aftermarket cooler after all if the stock fan is controlled properly.
  7. :bounce: dont know about the vista64 idea, i have vista business 32bit and 6gig of mem and sp1 made it see the lot
    32bit is cheaper and has less problems with drivers so i would go with that, xp64 is my other op and it works better.

    but if you need vista i would go with the 32bit , since mine sees all my mem, dont know if its just cos its business though
  8. That's so weird... It's theoretically impossible to access 6 GB of RAM with 32-bit addresses. That is, 2^^32 is 4 GB, that's the most you can address that way. I'll have to research this.
  9. Might it have something to do with the paging file? (that may sound like the dumbest thing ever, I don't pay much attention to memory issues)
  10. Or maybe it's just SP1 stupidly displaying the total amount of RAM found, even if it can't access it all. I remember reading about that, apparently it now says 4GB if you have 4GB but you still can't access more than 3.5 or whatever, like before.
  11. That would make more sense, one way to find out would be to open a bunch of huge docs and see how much ram it says it's using (not % of course)
  12. I agree with aevm. Right now a major supplier in Canada has the 640 GB Western Digital on for 85.00. Why not spend the extra 20.00 to 30.00 and get a very large and very fast hardrive.
    Other than an after market PCU cooler so you can take advantage of that motherboards overclocking features, I'd say it looks like you have a very nice build on your hands.
    Good luck with it!!!
  13. Thanks for the responses! Im thinking going 64-bit on my next rig in ~1.5 years. Nahelem, DDR3, 45nm processor, performance mobo, liquid cooling, etc. Right now im at entry level. :)

    The reason for the extra SATA cable was because if I get 1 with the mobo to use on the HD, wont I need another for the optical drive also?

    I will look into more cooling for the 4870, I will see what they do about the fan speed first though. I have read plenty about problems with this card and the 4850 regarding the fan speed.

    The HD im about to buy does have PMR. I went to the WD website and read that. What im looking for in the harddrive is speed. I am not ready to buy a velociraptor or better though! HDs like this one seem cheap to me so I figured it is the best one I can find that is not outrageously priced. Do you think the WD6400AAKS is faster? I notice so many people getting this HD. I think people get it because they can use the space. For me, I would like to eventually do a raid. 320 gigs would be more than I need. (I like using an external.)

    I haven’t decided on the 4870 brand, and I cant find it either. I will just wait until newegg gets it or go with a 4850 for the time being. There is a nice sale on the 4850 there. I think it is like 165 shipped. I could go for that and discard it when I get a 4870x2 if they do decide to make one.

    Random_2: The XIGMATEK is a CPU cooler. Is this what you think I need? You said PCU cooler. I assume that is a typo?

    Thanks to all of you for the comments and ideas!

    So far I have ordered the case and PSU from That place seems kind of scandalous, so wish me luck with those baseheads! :o lol

    - Hypnotico
  14. Thanks aevm! If i get 4 SATA cables, then i definitely wont need any more. I am not sure if i am supposed to see them in the picture or what. I guess i will just trust you and see what comes in the box. :) If i really need one, i could always call my good buddies over at best buy. Im sure the geek squad would be sure to want to help. :lol: They were more than happy with trying to go about charging me to install some ram i purchased there in the past. The guy helping me at the store told me that they would even install the drivers! lol I figured i was better off just taking care of it myself and save the $$ just seems shady. When i selected my item, it said free shipping. When going through the ordering process i am glad i was paying attention. The free shipping was not selected by default. Standard shipping was selected and in a finer print there was the option for basic. There were also a bunch of more expensive options that would likely be truely faster. The basic was free and i selected it. It said i believe was something like a 7-9 day ship time. Well after ordering it, they were relatively quick about giving me a track number. Guess what, the box is going to be here on the 3rd according to FedEx. On top of the shipping scam they were trying to pull and make $12, there were numerous advertisements and an annoying pitch to get their dum visa card that was integrated into the checking out process. When i buy, i want to buy. That is why i like the Egg. There, it is straight forward. I get what i want and i dont get hassled! Oh well, i will go where the good prices are, and for some items that is As long as i get my stuff and it is in good condition, that is what counts the most i guess. If a bunch of people not paying attention to the shipping option and pay more, will be able to keep their prices down to reach their margins. I guess i learned something when i got my business degree that the university. :D
    Seriously though, "heads up" to all you people reading this and ordering from!

    - Hypnotico
  15. Hey Hypno

    LOL....Ya...I meant a CPU cooler
    Mmmm... Seems Western Digital has revamped their site, so details seem a little vague on the PMR, but if I recall the only drives sporting the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording were the larger capacity drives like the 500, 640, 750 and the 1 TB. Anyhow you might want to check out Toms harddrive charts, these larger WD's perform very well. And you can never have too much storage space:-)
    Great choice on the cooler...the S1283 has developed quite the reputation in a short period of time.
    If you're from the U.S try
    If you're from Canada try their Canadian site at
    These guys have a very good reputation. I just stumbled onto them a couple of years ago, and have ordered from them and their sister site in Canada Direct Canada numerous times and have never been disappointed.
    Good luck with the build.


    (the canuck)
  16. random_2: Cool, thanks for the reply. I dug into the website and found that this new drive has PMR listed in the specs. I however decided last minute to order the Western Digital WD6400AAKS. It has way more space than i will need, but it really is a deal. I read so much about it i decided why chance it on a new drive that is not really proven. This was only like 20$ more so what the heck. I bought it from Directron for 90 including shipping. Got the cooler there and optical drive. Great prices, cheap shipping and even found a $3 promo code to use! Can't complain about that! lol Basically i took ur and the other posters advice regarding that HD, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :)

    I still have a few more parts to buy. I will scope out the USA website you gave me and see how the prices compare with the egg. I have ordered from the egg about 3 times now, and I have had no complaints..well actually, i ordered my first sound card through them and it was OEM, and i didnt know what OEM was when i bought it. I thought well this is cheezy when i saw it come wrapped in bubble wrap. I was like "great, used or referb stuff" lol. But then i realized like a year later what the deal was. :ange:

    I am worried about the case from not coming soon as i want. It seems that my first order of the power supply is on the way, but they are still processing my computer case order. The had over a day to do that so im worried. Before i placed the order, there was a note stating that they only have a few left in stock. Then a few hours later after placing the order, i noticed the price had spiked like 30$. I was happy i got my order in, but if it is going to take a year, that will suck. Dang! I will wait another day and then look into contacting them if my order status doesnt change. :fou:

    Well I best get to buying some more parts!

    Thanks again to you and all the other posters!

    - Hypnotico
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