How do i remove write-protection from my sd micro card adapter after the slide b

i have a san disk wake up your phone micro sd card adapter and it has....well had....a slide on the side to activate or deactivate write protection.but it broke off..the card still works though
but since it broke off,its been stuck on write im not able to add stuff to and from my PC or my cell phone
i wanna know if you could please help me
it would be much appreciated
i would buy another but i don't have money
and i think i'm well over the return date
please help
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    To my knowledge, I do not believe you can turn off write protection without the slide. My suggestion would be to attempt to physically turn it off with the use of a good old fashioned magnifying glass and an eye glass screwdriver- if possible. Unless anyone knows anything different, that may be your only course of action.
  2. hey thanks
    but i don't know how
    you think you can help me out?
    instructions would be awesome
  3. On the kingston adapter that I have, it looks like a label on the top side. If yours is the same, try pealing it off to expose what's underneath. It should expose the slide switch mechanism. I believe in protect mode the switch is breaking the contact on one of the lines.

    OR you could try this...

    Only $1.25 shipped... if your in the US.
  4. no i dont think they are the same
    and i dont have money to spend on anotherone
    but thanks any way for the help :)
    preciate it :D
  5. hey skaterivan, if have the sandisk.. look on its left... you see like a small movable plastic .. move it up and here you can put it in your pc. but be carful not make it move down again while puting it in:)
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