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I am currently using a GeForce FX 5200.. Im looking for a temporary cheap upgrade because that card got fried.My comp is AGP and I am really just looking for something under US $50 to keep me busy with basic computing and occasionally playing Warcraft 3..Most likely going to be getting a new rig in the Fall/Winter.I see a lot of different ones on TigerDirect for under $50 like the Radeon x1550, x1300, 9550..just not sure what would be the best one.

Current Specs
Athlon 64 3300+ 2.4 GHz
1 Gig DDR Ram
250w Power Supply
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  1. Anybody know?
  2. Get the X1550.
  3. Would the x1550 work the best for it's price? Most of the other cards are about the same price also.
  4. the x1550 would be a faster card. 9550 and 5200 are basically crap. The x1300 is a little better, but the x1550 is faster. Search on EBAY and see what you can find...
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