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Have a K7S5A mobo. Secondary IDE seems to have problems. Trying to install new dvd burner. System can not see it. If I put it on the primary ide; sees it fine. If I put a standard cdrom on the secondary, sees it fine. I've uninstalled the controllers and drives, system reinstalls fine. I've tried a number of diffent mobo drivers to no avail. Jumpers on burner are correct. Win2k. Bios set to autodetect. New cables. Stumped on this one.
Thanks all.
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  1. The correct IDE/PATA connection:


    Your new drive must be set to slave and hooked up to the middle connector.

    If no dice, unplug power cord & clear cmos for 10 mins.
  2. I you plan on using the new optical drive as the only optical drive and you want it on IDE 2.
    Then set it a master and connect the power and IDE cable to it.
    Boot into biios and see if you can force detection on IDE2 with the bios.
    It's been more than 2 years since I have even touched that board but you should be able to detect it in bios.
    On page 26 of the manual for the board it says to set the type of drive to cdrom. after you have done this hit the F3 key to detect the drive.

    May you luck be good.
  3. Just to clarify; when trying the old cdrom vs the new burner; I restart with each one separately; both as masters. cdrom is seen; restarting and swapping, the burner is not. I'll double check the bios for ide2. Thanks
  4. None of the suggested options have worked. Any other ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks again all.
  5. Anyone have any ideas? Being that the secondary works with a standard cdrom; I'm hesitant to buy a new mobo.
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