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  1. Looks like a good build to me, but, I think that the Velociraptors aren't worth the money, just get a Seagate or WD 7200rpm and save yourself some money.

    You may want to get a CPU cooler so you don't have to use the crappy stock one, I personally like Zalman but there are some other good brands out there.
  2. i am getting a cpu cooler i just didn't link it, the one i'm getting is the
  3. ChewyXX,

    I bought the NZXT Tempest Case for $109.99 ($10 cheaper than the Antec) and am getting $10 back in a MIR. You can do the same if you buy it today (though they may extend/reissue the MIR at another time soon).

    If you look here:

    You'll see some of the parts I used.

    The memory is a good deal though the one I used (corsair XMS) is $4 cheaper after MIR:

    Good call on the Video card. If I had to do my system over again I'd probably get the EVGA version of that card you chose instead of the GTX280 I overpaid for.

    Can't say anything about the CPU since any other Quad cores will cost you at least $70 more. I do like the 45nm process tech though. If you can stomach the extra cost, go for the Q9300... otherwise you're good.

    Go for this Xigmatec cooler. It's kicking butt in my case and it's only $44 INCLUDING the retention bracket which helps increase the contact of the cooler with the CPU!

    I bought the Velociraptor for my system so I like your choice. I'm not sure I agree with efx92, but in terms of GB/$ he's right. Reviews of the Velociraptor (especially from THG) state that the Velociraptor is a good performing HDD. If you save money by going for a cheaper HDD, spend the extra money on the CPU :).

    I got the 650W version of that PSU. I just liked having a little extra just in case.

    I can't comment on the mobo, but I got turned off by ASUS for some reason, so I went with Gigabyte.

    Have fun putting your PC together.
  4. i was going to go with the Q9300, but it's a lot of money and i kinda want to keep it cheap though i might consider switching my HDD to a 7200 rpm to get a better processor. i do want that velociraptor though, meh too much money i'll have to figure something out. what do you guys think i should do? better processor or better HD?
  5. Better HDD since you can OC the cpu but you can't do anything to a crap slow HDD.
  6. That Zalman CPU cooler you linked doesn't say it supports Quad cores processors, I may be wrong though.
  7. oh damn you're right, how could i miss that lol. i'm going with that xigmatec cooler anyways thanks for telling me that though.
  8. Get the Seagate 7200.11 500gb HDD. It's $90 and in almost all the benchmarks it was very close or tied the old version of the Raptor. You can always add the Velociraptor later.
  9. You can save on the memory with this:

    A-DATA G series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail
  10. Some (all?) P35 chipset mobos have issues with 1066 RAM. I've experienced it personally on a couple of them, but haven't used Asus so I can't claim yours won't work. Why take the chance? Get DDR2-800 RAM. I'd personally go for this 5-4-4-12 Mushkin. It will work at 1.8v, the typical BIOS defaults: It is $65 after MIR.
    I've got Mushkin in my rig, and I think that's the one.
  11. says it's been deactivated, also do you guys have an idea for a good mobo that supports ddr2 800 since i don't want to have problems with the 1066?
  12. That's bizarre. If I go to Newegg, I can get to that RAM. If I paste the link into a browser, it works, but if I click it here, I also get the deactivated message.
  13. i just tried to paste it into the browser and nothing
  14. this mobo is an excellent alternative. It is a little more money but it will support up to DDR2 1200. It is also the X38 chipset. It is an "open box" item so you save some money.
  15. I like my Abit IP35 Pro. Among the things I like about it, it has five fan headers on it, so I don't need fan controllers to run my fans at lower speeds, or extra cables from the PSU cluttering my case. It has a convenient CMOS reset switch in the back, and a POST LED display providing diagnostics.
  16. Unless your game is quad core optimized and is cpu bound, (like FSX, or supreme commander), you would do better with a higher clocked duo E8400.

    For gaming, the vga card is all important. See if you can get a 4870.

    I love the velociraptor, there is nothing better, and it does make a difference. That said, the extra $ can be better spent on a better vga card.

    You can also save some with a good quality 2x2gb DDR2-800 kit. The C2D processors do not benefit much from anything faster
  17. open box items don't bring cables and stuff right?
  18. The quad core will be better in the longer run when more game developers make it so they use all 4 cores and you really can't do much better with the video card unless you want to pay and extra 100 bucks and still isn't really much gain but if do find a deal go for a 4870 or crossfire. If you feel like really wasting money go for the new Nvida cards! (no im not a ATi Fanboy is just really disappointed in the price compared to performance)
  19. if i had money to waste i probably still wouldn't get those
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