1GB and 2GB on the same laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100- SK800C with 1GB of RAM at the moment.

I asked the computer shop and they said I can buy one 1GB and another 2GB DDR2 200 pin 667MHz RAMs and it will be compatible.

How can I validate this information?

I am kind of uncertain about the two different memories working well together...what do you guys think?
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  1. Might want to do some reading on the Toshiba website or consult the owners manual.

    There is nothing stopping you/the computer shop from putting an additional 2GB module of the same spec in the laptop as the machine should just recognize the additional memory and show a total of 3GB. However, what you need to research is whether the laptop supports dual channel memory or not. If it does support dual channel, by combining a 1GB and a 2GB module it may force it into single channel mode. Typically speaking, if the computer suppports dual channel memory you want a memory kit (matched pair) of DIMMs to ensure dual channel mode.
  2. Eeehh..this is interesting:

    From the User Manual of my laptop:

    Memory expansion Two memory expansion slots are available for installing
    256 MB or 512 MB or 1024 MB memory modules. The
    modules are PC4200, 200-pin, SO Dual In-line (SODIMM).

    But almost every site says 2GB RAM modules are compatible with mine...what's going on? :\
  3. And again in the SPECS part:

    Memory Slots / Max: 2 RAM slots - bottom of the unit (user accessible), both occupied with 512MB DDR2 PC2-4200S; can be filled with 256MB, 512MB, 1GB or 2GB DDR2 (4GB Max = 2048MB x 1 + 2048MB x 1)

    Toshiba needs to revise these documents i think!

    I don't quite know how to figure out whether my laptop features Dual Channel Mode....how do I find out?
  4. Nowdays dual-channel isn't as fast vs single-channel as it used to be. Especially if you're not gaming, you will notice a bigger difference in the ammount of ram vs the speed, and we're talking like 2% increase of real-world performance with dual-channel. Not much to write home about lol. Just get the 2gb stick IMO.
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