low score in 3dmarks 06 with 8800gt....

Vista 32bit.
3dmark06 professional
ECS motherboard "crappy"
PNY 8800gt
2gigs DDR2-533 ram

I only scored 3447 in sm3.0
and 2440 in sm2.0

now im hoping this is because atm im on a Crappy ECS bored with 2 gigs of 533 ddr2 ram and my pentium D 920 is still running at factory clock speeds.

im waiting to get my 800 ddr2 ram(4gigs) in the mail so i can install my Gigabyte-EP35-DS3P

then i will begin the Ocing of the 920 and the 8800gt.
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  1. Google your ECS board's model & see if it's PCI-E x16. Maybe not. That'll hurt the performance. Also, the newer 3dmarks 06+ will take cpu & ram into account. They can hurt the score.
  2. im pretty sure it has x16. im only scoring 1210 in the cpu area.

    ECS p4m890t-m2 is the motherboard
  3. Well i went to futuremarks site and looked for all scores of pentium D chips with a 8800GT running vista.

    and i dont feel bad now. the highest was a 7534 by a pentium D 940 and 7000 range by a 930 so im right there.
  4. Also, don't pay too much attention to 3dmark...it has a history of being rather preferential towards one line of video cards or another.
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