Reuse thermal grease?

I have a syringe-tube of thermal paste by Cooler Master I used a while ago (6 months ago?).
It's been lying around in my desk. Should I use this TP, or should I use the TP in the little packet that came with my CPU fan/heatsink?
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  1. Personally I'd just use the stuff that comes with the HSF, 6 month's seem like a long time.
  2. Sure, it's fine, it prolly has a shelf longer than McDonalds frys.
  3. As long as it is not too dried out, sure it will be fine.
    I don't think that thermal paste spoils, turns rotten, or anything like that. :)
    But you do want it the right consistancy so it spreads correctly between the 2 surfaces. If it has dried too much, it won't spread thinly, fill the cracks and imperfections as well, and simply won't conduct heat as well as it should.
  4. Packet TP < Syringe TP?
  5. I would use the syringe as long as the consistency hasn't changed. The stuff last forever as long as it doesn't get hot and separate I actually keep it in the fridge and have never had it go bad.
  6. lol. I once bought a set of AS5 on sale like 2 years ago and I'm still using it and it works fine. Thermalpaste is good as long as it's not too thick or dry.
  7. ^ lol, nice
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