Is my GPU temp too high and how do I solve it?

Hello everyone,

I have an EVGA 8800GT KO OC Edition GFX card. I noticed that it was quite hot to the touch (It also kept crashing when I was playing Fallout3, so I thought it could be a hardware issue) so I downloaded SpeedFan to see the actual temperature. Here are the results:

GPU: 76C (hot)
Core 0: 46C
Core 1: 47C
Core: 76C (hot)

I'm assuming the GPU is the same as Core, so can anyone give me any tips to decrease my GPU temperature without aftermarket coolers (I've already ordered one but this temperature looks dangerous)?

Fan1: 1896 RPM
Fan2: 1045 RPM

Is this too low a setting for fans, and what is Fan1 and Fan2, where are they located? Should I purchase better fans as well?

Thanks for any input!
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  1. Really? Well will cooling it down further increase performance?
  2. for an 8800 GT, 76 C is cool for under full load but it isn't ideal either. Habe you tried nTune or Riva Tuner to set your fan to 80% before gaming?
  3. That's idle, not full load. I'm using RivaTuner but I have no way of telling whether or not it is working. I've set it so that if it reaches a temperature above 76 it will turn onto 100% fan speed. If I keep the fan speed at that level the temp drops down to 65C, is that ideal for idle? Under full load the GPU at 100% fan speed is at 75C.

    I am still getting crashes to desktops whenever there is the slightest hint of the GPU having to work harder... is there a solution to this?
  4. Psh, last night I had to rip my 8800GT out of my computer. I was trying to play Neverwinter Nights 2 with my 4830, and I started getting visual artifacts, so I wondered what was up. I checked Speedfan, and the 8800 was sitting (idle, as I wasn't playing on that monitor) at 88c, which I think was a wee bit much for just sitting there smothering my 4830.

    I burned my fingers trying to get it out. :(

    I'd suggest an aftermarket cooler. Zalman's VF1000 and VF900 are good choices, but make sure to buy a set of mosfet sinks as well, as the Zalman's only come with enough sinks for the RAM.
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