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Would it be a nice option at this point in time to get 2 HD4850 radeon video cards in Crossfire mode at this time, I think better then 1 4870 in Crossfire, which is obvious but how is overrall performance? I was thinking of getting 1 really high end card or upgrading mobo for SLi and/or Crossfire and doing it that way? Which is a more viable choice at this time? I might just wait for the 4870x2. Any good advice?

I have a 650i ultra motherboard now and Antec 650 watt PSU, so I think im pretty good with the power not like im going to SLI 2 gtx 280s or anything, but if I were to SLi it'd be like 2 9800gtxs or 8800gts g92s or in crossfire 2 4850s. Any ideas? These or GTX 280? My budget is around 600-700 max.

I currently have a broken nvidia geforce 7950gt 512 and it's time to upgrade.
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  1. Thing is HD4870X2 may not be out til end of Aug. That's a LONG wait for us computer users who are usually impatient. Are you 100% sure nvidia will sit their rear out while Ati run them over? Hell, no. They'll come up with something. Then you're back in the wait game. Sep. No, Nov. Scratch that, 2010.

    nvidia cut prices of 9800GTX, GTX 260 & 280. Look at the your games' benchmarks and pick out the winner.
  2. what about SLi or crossfire?
  3. Best bang crossfire right now is HD4850's. Best bang SLI right now is 9800GTX's. Both are $200 MSRP each.
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