What temps do I believe?

I recently noticed that depending on what temperature monitoring program I use I get different temps... roughly 10C apart each...

SpeedFan - 25C
RealTemp - 33C
CoreTemp - 45C

I don't understand how three different softwares are reading the temperatures different. I monitor my CPU temps with RealTemp, since I trust it the most (and it's in the middel :D) but I'm just confused why I have three different readings depending on the program. I have no stability issues and everything runs great but just doesn't make sense to me.

Would you trust one software over another? Example: ... SpeedFan is the most accurate of the softwares... CoreTemp can't be trusted... Real Temp RULES!... etc. or should I look to download and get EVEREST Ultimate Edition and forget about the other three programs? Basically, I'm looking to know what software I should use to monitor my temps and forget about the rest....

Thanks for your feedback!! :hello:
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  1. Try HWMonitor
  2. Always DL the latest version too.
  3. After reading Proixmon's "Some notes on applying thermal paste to the Xigmatek" thread, do you think I should remove my heatsink and re-apply my Arctic Silver 5 as he discribes? I did pretty much the "standard way" but my temps aren't that high so I figure I might be okay... If I should, I would only think I would have to add the additional lines after I clean off the Arctic Silver, since my first application should've filled in the gaps?

    What does everyone think??

    Also, since I have already installed the back plate, I won't have to take the motherboard back out to install the cooler back on.... would I??
  4. If your temps are okay, don't bother. Unless you just want to experiment, which is never ever a bad thing.
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