Toshiba RecoveryCD able to dual boot 2 versions XP

Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite A45-S120
1.26 Ghz Celeron
1.256 GB Ram
40 GB HD

I am trying to use a Toshiba Recovery CD to dual boot 2 versions of Windows XP on the same hard drive. I partitioned my hard drive with GParted, but when I go to do the 2nd install, it says the entire hard drive will be erased.

I read in another forum that it may be possible to make the 1st partition invisible or non-bootable; (
Is this possible? I can choose the flag in GParted to "hidden," but I am worried, because if GParted can see the partition, then perhaps the Toshiba Recovery CD can too.

Also, I have several other partitions running Linux, and for some reason GParted won't allow me to select the flag hidden - which wouldn't be the end of the world as I recently installed those linux partitions, but most importantly, I don't want to loose my primary XP partition.

My Toshiba Recovery CD also has Office and Works on it, so I want to at least use this to dual boot 2 versions of Windows XP on the same hard drive.

What would be the best way to change the master boot record or hide the other partitions and use the recovery CD?
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  1. As much as I am opposed to such a thing, you could make a complete backup of your now installed Xp and restore it to the partition you seek. You'll need to run the repair console to have it locate both installs and make them part of the boot loader. Have fun.
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