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I need to buy an SSD. My requirements are that it's fast and has about 64gb (60 works).

What's the best value? Yes, I know the Intel drives are the best and highest prices, but what's the best value on the market now for me?

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  1. What makes you say Intel is the highest price? You can get an 80GB Intel for $230-240, which is well worth it IMHO.
  2. cjl said:
    What makes you say Intel is the highest price? You can get an 80GB Intel for $230-240, which is well worth it IMHO.

    Because they usually are the highest or the closest to the highest price?
  3. myshtern said:

    It's only $20 cheaper than the X25-M, but much more than $20 worse IMHO.

    (Ignore the 6-10 weeks statement - that's where both I and a friend got ours, and both shipped in under 5 days)
  4. OCZ
  5. I am considering to get new Kingston 40GB drive which launches 09/11/2009 and will be $115 with $30 rebate($85 after rebate) on newegg, it is based on intel controller and 34nm memory. I wonder how much will they cost here in UK.
  6. dont get it; ssd is too expensive, why cant you wait for 6 months or so?? SSd will me much cheaper then
  7. Don't see NAND prices falling that rapidly in 6 months as NAND flash memory is in shortage right now: more demand than production capacity so prices won't drastically fall in 6 months.

    Intel is still having a good margin though: they went from 50nm to 34nm memory while the pricing stayed the same. But as there is no controller that can compete with the Intel controller they have no single reason to drop prices.

    Intel is marginally more expensive but alot faster in important benchmarks like random write and write latency. So its a no-brainer: if you are going to spend quite some money on an SSD, you would be a thief of your own money not investing it in a product that really gets you the benefits of solid state technology. Currently that's Intel.
  8. I have an OCZ Vertex 60gb as my system drive and cannot recommend this highly enough, it makes a huge difference to performance and considerably cheaper than Intel options. Intel do make the best SSDs but they are definatly more expensive in the UK, and OCZ come a very close second for performance / value for money. My only criticsm is they don't come with 3.5" mounting brackets, and you won't find many cases you can screw one into without mods, but sourced adaptor bracket in my local shop for £2 !
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