Return Xigi and Kaze's for Megahalem and Panaflo's

I ordered a XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle with 2 Kaze's. It looks like I should have gone panaflo fans and a megahalem heat sink from what I have read (but I paid for my rush job and lack of research).

But if I can get this q6600 up to 3.6 with tolerable noise I'll be happy.

The order has already shipped. Does any think I should return the xigi and Kazes for the panaflos and megahalem?

Any thoughts?

JOe K.
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  1. I think the Xig does a exceptional job of keeping components cool. I've heard Scythe fans are also very quiet. IMO I'd just stay with the XIg.
  2. i have 4 scythe's. 1 on proc, 1 intake, 1 out, 1 on Video Card. 2 are 1600 rpm and the other 2 are 1200. Always on full, and they are more than tolerable, and the case is less than 12 inches from me. I think the Scythe's are very nice. I also wish that i bought a Xig and not the Scythe Andy Samurai cooler. I think you'll be good.
  3. I have Xigmatek 1283 and a Scythe Ultra Kaze 3K RPM fan. With my i7 @ 3.6GHz WITH HT on, I get 67C for the CPU temp and 72-75C for the core temps with the fan at 1700RPMs. The fan is rated at 133CFM @ 3K RPMs, which is a lot of air. I'm not sure if you can do much better without going to a water cooling setup. Just use a fan controller or wire the fans to a Variable Resistor to control the fan speed.

    Edit: I ran 3.6GHz @ 1.3Vcore for 19.5 hours and the hottest the CPU got was 68C, and the cores 75C until I turned the fan speed up a little.
  4. Which fan controller?

    Most of them have temperature probes which do not measure the Core or CPU temps very well at all (the most important ones by far). I am going to put the KAZE's on a Y cable and I need to figure out a way to control them.

    Asus' q-fan does not do a very good job controlling the fan speed and speedfan will not work on my CPU fan.
  5. QFan requires a PWM fan for the CPU Fan. I'm looking for a quieter system, so I went with the Megahelem and a Scythe Kama PWM fan (1200rpm). My case has 3 Scythe 1600rpm fans that Qfan controls and one 1200rpm fan that stays on 24/7 (mostly purchased for the cool blue LED).

    I like Qfan. I only overclocked to 3.6ghz because I set the overclock by working backwards from what I thought was a good sound level. Qfan keeps the core temps at idle around 40c with the fans at about 40% --- inaudible. Under normal usage the CPU fan will speed up a bit but still very quiet. When I stress it for an hour with Prime95, the temps will get up to the high 60s with the fans on 100%. Qfan responds nicely to the temp changes --- it increases fan speed to keep the cores cool until it reaches 100% at about 60c. During normal usage I rarely get the fans above 60% so they stay quiet.

    Noctua is coming out with a 140mm PWM fan in the next few weeks that uses 120mm holes (including CPU cooler brackets). Should be high CFM, good static pressure and quiet. hoping it will let me get the OC up to 3.8.
  6. What MOBO do you have? Q-Fan currently only gives me 3 settings for speeds (silent, standard, turbo). If it gave me more control even ratios for temp/speeds I'd be in good shape.
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