Asus M3N-HT delux/mempipe

My computer specs are:

ASUS M3N-HT Delux/mempipe.
AMD Phenom 9950 Quad core Black Edition.(Stock Heatsink/fan)
4GB of OCZ ram.
ATI 4870.
OCZ GameXstreme 700Watt PSU.
Antec 900 case.
Windows Vista Ultimate x64.(fully updated)

Okay I just built a new gaming rig and I am having a problem playing any games on it.
when I go to play any game it hard freezes goes into a infinite loop and BSOD I have updated everything I could think of BIOS, Chipset, all my Drivers, sound,4870drivers, nothing helps it's also not a heat problem I have all normal temps, I have tested my Motherboard, memory,hdd,graphics card all passed. it's not a hardware problem I am clueless to what it could be any information would help.
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  1. Have you done any stability testing? Try running OCCT, memtest, and ATI Tool to stress the components. After you have done that post back here with the results.

    If you don't run into an issue it is most likely a software problem.
  2. Well I got a disc from my local computer shop with alot of tests on it for the motherboard wich it passed, and the memtest86 was on there my mem passed, and my graphics card passed the test that was on the disc, and i think i figured it out maybe my northbridge it's pretty hot would that cause hard freezing or infinite loop? if soo how can fix it?
  3. I am not entirely convinced that it is your northbridge overheating. If that is the issue it would cause the CPU test to fail. Try running OCCT if you can or letting us know what the mobo test was.

    If you are positive it is the nb over heating the only thing you can do is try undervolting if you can. If that proves unstable you will have to upgrade the cooling. I have also heard that some times people remove the stock heatsink(s) and reapply them with MX-5 and get better performance due to better paste being used and sometime the stock installation isn't very good.
  4. I have figured it out it was my ATI CCC it was going from 2d to 3d during game play, was causing my hard freezing, it all works great now :)
  5. I am having simmilar problem with my computer as you had.
    I am running: same CPU, same RAM, 1000W CPU, 500Gb HD SATA, XFX Gforce 9800GX2 1GB video card. Started with Windows XP Pro 32 bits, now Vista Ultimate 64 bits. I am using this rig for my Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which is highly graphics demanding.
    I up-dated everything I could to the newes drivers as well.
    I know it is the video card, but I don't know how to fix it.
    For testing, I removed my XFX Gforce 9800GX2 card and used on board build video (set graphic requirement to minimum), and everything is working. There is no frizzing/crashing, but the effects are not the same.
    I wonder if you, or any one can help.
    Kind regards
    Andrew (my
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