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Well I was thinking about crafting up this build, but I need some more-experienced advices from you guys before buying it.
Any changes, switch, upgrades,etc you guys thinks is necessary for this mid gaming build will be appreciate, and please tell me the reason why so that way I can learn about it :D btw thinking on further OCing.

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0
RAM - Corsair 2x1GB DDR2 800mhz
GC - EVGA GeForce 8800GT Superclocked 512 650Mhz
Mobo - EVGA nforce 680i-A1 SLI ATX
HDD - Seagate 500GB 7200Sata 32 cache
PSU - NZXT 600W 115/230V
CpuFan - ZALMAN 9500A 92mm
OD - Asus 20x DVD+R DVD burnner
OS - Microsoft W. Vista Home premium SP1 64 b
Case - NZXT Tempest

All cost around 1050$ on Newegg. Thanks.
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  1. For the mobo, nVidia chipsets usually are not very good for overclocking so I would get a p35 or p45 mobo.

    I would get 4GB of RAM for Vista 64bit, unless you can't afford it then 2GB is ok.

    If you can afford it, change the video card to an ATI 4850 HD, it's a very good price/performance card at $200 and you can get it cheaper because many of them on newegg have mail-in rebates.

    Besides that, everything looks good, I would go with a Quad core CPU for future proofing but it's up to you. Also, don't forget to buy thermal compound for your CPU cooler, I like to use Arctic Cooling MX-2. I have that same CPU cooler and it works well and it looks awesome.

    Good luck!
  2. 6x0i nVidia chipsets do not overclock well or properly support 45nm CPUs. Avoid completely.

    4850 costs around the same slightly more than a 8800GT and smacks it around badly.

    efx92 is pretty much dead on with his post.

    I would build the following:

    CPU: E8400 (if you game only quad core is not worth the extra cash)
    Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro or MSI Neo 3FR (149 Crossfire board/99 non)
    GC- 4850
    RAM- G.Skill 2GB 4-4-4-12
    HDD- FIne
    PSU- Corsair 550VX
    CPU Fan- Xigmatek 120mm Rifle cooler
    OD- Samsung 20x
    OS- Fine
    Case- Fine
    Thermal Compound- MX-2
  3. Thanks for reply.
    1st, thansk for the nvidia mobo advise, i was told that nvidia mobos are good on video performance and bus but i didnt have a clue about OC which is an important thing that id look out in a build. I found this:

    but does it supports SLI as it does with CF??

    2nd, im aware that both 8800gt Superclocked, 9800gtx and hd4850 are around 190-200$ with some rabates... can u tell me whats the difference between performance/cost/OC between them ??

    3rd, why do you think it's better the 550w PSU than the 600w one. Also whats the diference between cooling/cost between both CPU coolers.
  4. No- no Intel chipset motherboard supports SLI other than Skulltrail ($649).

    4850 is the best video card in the price range. Look at HardOCP, Toms, and others for the benchmarks to prove it.

    Corsair is a high quality PSU. Wattage is not everything. Just like a CPU the higher the number does not automatically mean great PSU.

    The Xigmatek I linked you to is $37. It is rated the 2nd best LGA775 cooler at Frostytech.
  5. All right, i'm pretty sure bout what i want to have, but im not sure about one last thing.


    Does the 40$ really worth it? or maybe i should look for an x38/48?
  6. If you want to use 16GB of RAM and CrossfireX then get the P5Q, if you want to use up to 8GB and Crossfire(or just a single card)then get the P35.
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