SAPPHIRE X1950 PRO 512(AGP) or X1950XT 256(AGP) !!

Hello, :hello: here is a simple but rather mind rattling question.!! I know the Sapphire has a few if not a load of small problems with cooling and bad heat sinks. :fou: I also see that the same thing is happening to the X1950XT. The Sapphire is no longer being produces. The 512 anyway. Now dropping to 256 is what im left with. Unless I eBay one used, at my own risk that thay did not fry it. Now the X1950XT is a step to the side. Its only a 256, so will this make a big difference. I've got and old AV8 abit mb. so im financially stuck with needing an AGP card.
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  1. Depending on what resolution you're gaming ( I am supposing you're gaming with that type of card) the difference shouldn't be that apparent especially at lower resolution. Beside, the XT is quite a bit more powerful than the pro. I have been using one for quite a bit and playing 12x10 represents no problem unless it's one of the latest game with very intensive graphics.
  2. um, what? You're gonna have to provide more information so that we can help. What size of monitor are you using? What is the rest of your system like? And how much money can you spend? There are AGP versions of the 3850 that would be a bit better than an x1950, assuming its in your price range and it wouldn't be limited by the rest of your computer.
  3. a heard a 4850 agp version is said to be released sometime in the near future...
  4. I have a 19 inch monitor, 20X10 res, 2gig ram, AV8 3rd eye main. 550 psu. Money...well i can buy a new system so i need to up grade this one... about $200 sounds good to spend on a new V-card. Thank all of you for your input.
  5. 20x10? Wow, you must love playing Pong on that screen. :lol:
  6. No pong....but i do love that game... Well well, I should have said, "1228 x Just did not figure in little smart a$$'s on here....Gess thats what i get.. Thanks for your input thou...
  7. Ok, now that sounds like a real monitor resolution.

    Anyways, given your predicament, I'd say you have a third option besides going for one of the X1900s. There are AGP versions of some of ATIs HD 2xxx and HD 3xxx series cards. I doubt the HD 2xxx series cards would do much good for you because they're hot, power hungry and only come in mid-range flavor for AGP. However, there is an HD Radeon 3850 for AGP bus that would blow the X1900s out of the water. The drawback here though is that most CPUs that are stuck with AGP buses aren't powerful enough to fully utilize the full power of hte 3850. Even so, though, you'd notice an improvement. I'm seeing those cards on NewEgg now for around $150.

    Here's all of them

    If you can't afford that and instead choose to go with one of the aforementioned cards, then according to Tom's Charts, the X1950XT slightly edges out the X1950 Pro, but that's when they have the same memory. I can't find a comparison for X1950 Pro w/ 512 MB, but I would still go with the X1950 XT anyway unless you plan to get a larger monitor. Any resolution after 1280 x 1024 would probably start hurting a lot from only 256 MB of VRAM.

    Edit - Oh sorry, didn't read your post correctly. To answer your question I don't think going from 512 MB to 256 MB of VRAM with the same card will hurt you much. Your resolution should be ok with 256 MB. Still, you should consider the HD 3850 for your AGP bus if you're intent on sticking with that system.
  8. Hello, It's me Just wonted to add that i would love to upgrade this damn 9800 V-card.. I have 2 extra fans on it to keep it from cooking its self.... I play WOW and Any thing that is new..I love all the new High end video options these new cards offer (X1950XT)-(1950 pro Sapphi) ... I would love some input from you (the pros, in my opinion. Should I go nvidia? Ha, now Im talking about a hole new ball park.... The helpless needs your help in helping.
  9. Well i got a athlon 4000+ 939 for a processsor, Is there a MB out there or a conversion kit out there so i could still use and overclock it. I would love to go Psi-E . just cant get the funds for a new system,
  10. If you don't have the money for a new Mobo or processor, then don't worry about it. All I'm saying is that you can get a 3850 for your AGP slot and it will rock your games for a decent amount of cash. I'm also saying that although that processor may hold it back, you will still notice a large, perhaps even HUGE, increase in your gameplay experience from such an upgrade.

    And as far I know, there's no such thing as a 'conversion kit' and I don't know of any Mobos with a 939 socket and a PCI-E slot. But even if there were it would be a bad combination. So just go ahead and use what you've got.
  11. Mathiasschnell, your my new HERO. Thank you!!
  12. Ok,Im back again for a sad but well needed question..!! I looked on Newegg ( buy the way i love that site) and I see a few choices, prices.. , has no Manufacturer Warranty. It hdtv ready , CrossFire Bridge.....!! There is one more , This one comes witha 1 year warranty and Screws Drive - waht that is.....I cant say.. Realy, its the price.. so is it realy woth the extra money for the hdtv? lol
  13. I don't know much about HDTV related stuff, but if you want my opinion, I'd say get this card because it has the best rating and lowest price out of all the 3850 AGP cards.

    As for Crossfire, don't worry about that. To my knowledge, you can't crossfire AGP cards because you only get 1 AGP slot and your budget is limited anyway. And regarding warranties, I'm not sure where to find them on the site so I don't know what it is on the one I just showed you.

    Also I noticed that all the 3850 AGP cards are 'HDTV ready', but they all come with DVI ports and I'm not sure if HDTVs use those (like I said, I'm clueless about them), but far as I can tell the only TV-related ports on these cards are S-Video.

    One last thing, make sure your power supply can handle this card. It's not necessarily a monster or gets very hot, but I think they recommend at least 450W with 25 - 30A on the 12v rail. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then just tell me as much about your power supply as you can.
  14. Thank you very much. I got a new 3850 hd agp video card (and damn that thing is BIG) and it works great.
  15. standalone said:
    Thank you very much. I got a new 3850 hd agp video card (and damn that thing is BIG) and it works great.

    thats a nice card

    how is the performance in games with that card and a single core cpu?
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