Dropped My HDD Win wont load

Well I think I know the answer to this question but... I just finished doing a clean install of win 7 on a new HDD and was about to double check that I backed up everything on my old Win XP drive and it slipped from my hand and hit the ground with what seemed the mass of a thousand Suns.

Anyway Win XP will no longer load on that drive. It seems to get stuck while loading driver. I have tried safe and last know but nothing.

Does it sound like all is lost?

Either way it is not the end of the world. I think I backed up 99% of everything I needed from this drive but there maybe a file or two I missed. Well one that I know of anyway.

By the way, Win 7 Pro is like driving a new sports car. I love a fresh new OS install.

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  1. Can you access it in W7 at all, i.e. does it show up in My Computer, etc...? If not, I would assume that the drive is probably done.
  2. Its toast! And warranty's don't cover against shock :(
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    Have you tried to look at it with fdisk ??
    If the hdd was not running when it was dropped it should ?? be OK as the read/write heads are parked on what is called the CE cylinder,,and,, even if they hit the hdd ,,at that point,, no harm will come to the hdd,you may have to fdisk the whole drive though as a new bad track map might be needed,if you check the manuf's specs you will see that any given hdd is rated at XX gravities ...I dropped an 80g hdd on a cement floor last year ,I think,and it is still in use...:)
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