Access Denied Folder - How to access?


There is a computer at out company which has a folder at My Documents..
The guy which use this computer removed all Security access(Everyone , And the user he login with) , i cant get into the Security tab to add users to access it , also its shown as Empty Folder ,
i tried as Administrator and in safe mode , but i cant success to add users manualy to be able to access it ,
What could i do ?

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  1. What flavor of XP?

    have you tried one of the Live-CDs like Ubantu Live-CD. It will allow you to run Linux of the CD and should give you access to the folder. you can copy the content to a USB flash drive.
  2. Well , i have windows xp professional sp3

    Thanks for your advice , but one more thing , Could ERD work too as linux ?

  3. Sorry never used ERD.

    Isn't there a way to take ownership of the folder and sub-folders as an Administrator in Save Mode?
  4. Nope , i tried that as i saied above ..
    Okey , Thanks anyway , i guess the linux will do the work , i will try it

    thanks for your time
  5. Yes this happened with me n ubuntu did it.
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