Can I retrieve my data???

I have two backup hard drives that I accidentally left hooked up while getting ready for a fresh install of Windows. I went to format one of the drives that I had taken everything off of already to use in another system but mixed up the drive letters when I wanted to format. I figured it all out about a half a second too late. The operation was shut down right after I pressed "enter" but I think the damage is already done. Is there a way for someone to retrieve this data with a program or is it a lost cause at this point? Any help would greatly be appreciated. The information I need to get off this drive is important stuff like baby pictures, wedding pictures, etc. stuff we have some printed copies of but nobody ever wants to get rid of them all after that. On top of that the wife is asking what I did with all the pictures and I'm having to give her the sad story of they're probably gone. :( Please help :(
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  1. Yes most of it should recover just fine. There are several free utilities out there to attempt to do so I'll link one below.

    If none of those work then there are data recovery companies but you will be looking at about $800 to go that route. Another thing to consider is that while unlikely the recovery utilities can make the problem worse, so if it's absolutely vital to recover the data bite the bullet now and get out your wallet.
  2. Thanks 505090. Tried it but the damage is done it seems. It was in format mode for too long and Recuva couldn't find a boot sector. I'll try some other programs like you mentioned but I'll bet your second option is going to be the only one available. I don't think that will be an option at a price like that though. Thanks for your help, though!

  3. You need to get access to the FAT tables and find out which is the oldest and restore from that table,using a disk editor that can see dos32 and ntfs tables,a program like disk investigator 406kb,comes to mind...:)
  4. good luck with the other apps, but yes data recovery can get rather expensive
  5. Unfortunately (through my employer) I have a fair amount of experience dealing with data recovery labs and they are most definitely expensive. Going rate for us has been around $1250 per drive. Granted, virtually all data has been recovered... but that's still a big pill to swallow.
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