32 bit or 64 bit for me????

Currently i am using 7 n XP SP3 both 32-bit.
Before installing XP 64-bit i want to know weather it is good for me or not.
I will run games like:
crysis,far cry2,ut 2003,just cause 2,GTA 4 etc....etc+photoshop and some other 32 bit apps.
Is XP 64 able to run the 32 bit apps?

My Specs:
465 GB HDD
Intel Core2Duo 2.93GHZ OCeD to 3.52 GHZ
Nvidia 8400GS
MSI board
No additional cooler except 1 SMPS.

I am able to run all the games easily in my XP 32 and 7 32 bit OS.
Reason:I am fed-up of 32 bit XP as i tried 7 64-Bit but i was not able to run 32-Bit apps in 7 64-Bit.
And i want to see how fast is XP 64-BiT. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. If you found Windows 7 64-bit wouldn't run your apps don't even think of installing XP 64-bit.
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