Does the shader clock speed matte in SLI?

I am wanting to run 2 different cards in SLI mode. The 2 cards are almost identical, any slight difference can be overcome by overclocking. The only major difference is the shader clock. My existing clock speed is 1728mhz and the prospective card is 1625mhz. Is this a major problem as the other clock speeds, like I said can be achieved with some minor overclocking.

The 2 cards are Zotac 8800GTS 512mb AMP and XFX 8800 GTS 512mb G92 Alpha Dog Edition

Any advice is greatly appreciated
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  1. when you go in sli mode, the faster card will slow itself down the the same clocks as your slower card. i think crossfire works the same way. your xfx will most likely just match the clocks that the zotac comes with. also, just because your xfx card overclocks to those speeds does not mean that your other one will...when you go to overclock, start off small and work up gradually.
  2. The Zotac is the more powerful card, so it will drop to the XFX card right, but they will run in SLI?
  3. yeah, they will....and my bad, i just assumed that the alpha dog edition was the higher clocked card.

    but yeah, they'll work...and if you dont already have it, download rivatuner and you can monitor your clocks, temps and even fps with that...and they also have a damn good section for overclocking and such.
  4. Thanks very much lamb, will do
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