CACHE- How Much Is Good Enough ? 3MB?

Hi All,

I should love to buy the new intel chip Nehalem whenever it becomes available.

In the meantime, would a Lenovo Ideacentre machine with a E7200 processor - having 3MB L2 Cache - work well enough with dragon9.5 /10 ? i used to feel frustrated with my old Presario celeron laptop when there would be a big time lag between what one speaks and what appears on the screen; I wonder if I will get a good, comfortable stream of dictated type if I buy the Lenovo (or is 3 MB L2 cache too little for excellent results from dragon?).I am a writer and am looking to be able to compose matter as I dictate into the computer.

Looking for some suggestions.Much appreciated.

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  1. and this has to do with sound cards how?
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