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Dell 730x I7 920 H2C, Overheating?

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June 29, 2009 1:53:02 AM

Is the H2C any good? I am running at 180mhz @ 40mv with everything default. Core temp shows 67-75c running Prime95 with small FTT. My system configs of Dell 730x H2C. I7 920, 4870x2, 6gb ram, 300x2 WD in raid0. I've seen better results from an air cooled system. I bought this from the outlet for a little over $2000 but have less than a week to return it. Whats going on?

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June 29, 2009 3:33:35 AM

This relatively old article may help you make up your mind:
The Dell XPS 720 H2C was never designed to compete for value with lower-specified systems, but instead was designed as a "dream machine" for big spenders. With over twice the CPU power of the overclocked low-end machine, why wouldn't you buy one if you had thousands of spare dollars to play with?

Personally, based on how easily you committed to a $2000 purchase, I'm pegging you as someone who'd rather do without constant tweaking, testing, etc. There's nothing wrong with, just to be clear, and there's also nothing wrong with keeping your purchase. Hope this helps!