Cosmos S vs Lian Li A7110/PC X2000

Just completed a build (not for me :o ) with the Cosmos S.

I liked the case overall. The case kinda has a striking appearance. The cooling set up I think is pretty good after swapping out the stock fans and maxing the fan number.
2x120 mm
1x240 mm
4x120 mm
The down side was that I was not impressed with a few of the plastic components, especially the locking mechanism for the front small doors. Also, the motherboard tray not removable.

Hence.....I was looking at Lian Li cases.

I never had one but hear their build quality is second to none.

A7110 (main one looking at) and if it ever gets in stock anywhere the PC X2000 (not sure on its novel design and it is not in stock anywhere I can tell :fou: )

The cases seem a higher qualilty build than the Cosmos S. The cooling seems pretty good in the stock set up. To get the A7110 set up like the Cosmos S above (RE extra cooling fans), I will have to buy an aftermarket side panel with installed 240 mm fan and aftermarket top panel with cut outs for 2x120 mm fans.

This upgrade along with the starting price of the case (A7110) makes it alot more than the Cosmos S.

Just wondering any thoughts on the cases and if the extra $$$ is well spent. :sarcastic:
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  1. I just got an Antec 300 delivered for $54, it a great case for the money.
    I still like my Antec SuperLanboys though. Got three of em, the look is a bit dated, but plenty of cooling action and plenty of room for all but the largest of PSU's.
  2. hmmm, i wouldnt get either, and i would go for the coolermaster stacker any day of the week. for a replacement.

    i know what you mean about the CM Cosmos S, i really dont like plastic parts either, however if i had that case i wouldnt bother changing becasue it is still a good case, for that sort of money you could proberly get a basic water cooling system intalled or even a second Video card. it is not a Bad case, leave it as it is. see how much of the plasitic is just asthetic and try and remove it.
  3. Personally i wouldnt get either, however, i would stick with Lian Li if you have the cash...

    The doors on the X2000 and the A7110 turn me off. I would go for either the A7010 (A7110 without the door) or A70 (i have 2 of these) basically the A7010 is the updated model of the A70, A70 doesnt have the sound dampening and or the hot swap bays which i find would be a nussance.
  4. I have been doing a lot of research on Lian Li recently, as I wanted to replace my Antec 900 with one (too cramped for all the hardware I have in it). Reviews I read on the PC X2000 have generally been not as good as typical for a Lian Li, due to its controversial design and very small depth. As for as I can tell, for the A7010 and the A7110, you would just be paying a price premium for the hot swappable HDD bays (convenient, but unnecessary) and noise dampening material (which you can buy and install yourself). The Lian Li A70 is basically the same case, just over $100 less minus these features. Ultimately, I ended just buying a silver A70 from NewEgg for $200.
  5. I went with the Lian Li A7110 (Visa card took a beating :fou: ) Could not wait any longer for the PC X2000. I was not sure on the side 5.25" bay set up. Seems on the X2000 you can put only 2 5.25" devices in the case :(

    I bought a clear side window with a 240 mm fan and top panel with two 120 mm fan cut outs. Should turn out to move some nice air. Thinking I might go with a 3rd party fan controller. Not sure which one since the set up will have 8 x 120 mm fan and the side 240 mm fan. The highest channel fan controller I seen was for 7 fans. Any recs in this area .......?

    I will post some pictures when I get it set up.

    Cheers. :)
  6. Zalman ZM-MFC1 although this only has 6 controls, it is a brushed aluminum finish just like the case that would suit. Comes in black and silver depending on the colour case you bought.

    EDIT: btw wont the front door get in the road of those knobs.
  7. I have been looking at that same controller and it seems on NewEgg some reviewers did mention that the door would not close with the knobs.
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