Partial Upgrade/Overhaul

Let me start this out by saying I have a budget. 450 or less for a system overhaul/upgrade.

I am currently running a 4400x2 939, 8800gt, epox nforce4 mobo, with 2gb ddr

The upgrades I have picked out allow me to keep my current case, opticals, OS, PSU, and HD's. The thing that always gets me is am I choosing the right part? I am not a newb builder but I am certainly not on the level of some folks around here. The parts i picked are (hopefully) going to last me for a few more years...

CF/SLI not too big on my list and I dont need a huge OC'ing products bc I'll prob only OC the CPU in a year or two when it starts to show its age.

CPU: Q6600

MOBO: Gigabyte p43

RAM : 4gb 2x 2gb Gskill

Cooler: AC pro7

my current PSU is corsair 520watt

the total with shipping on this is 423.76. Suggestions would be helpfull and thanks.
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  1. Oh and I am currently torn wether to ride this system out by buying a new cpu cooler for the 4400x2, OC'ing it and getting a second 8800gt to SLI. Would this work and do you think my corsair 520 could handle it? OR overhaul/upgrade?
  2. Good enough.
    Just replace your Gigabyte P43 with Gigabyte EP35DS3L.
  3. Bump and a half
  4. lol your current pc is almost as good as the one as i just upgraded, and you are already upgrading!
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