8800 GT step up to 9800GTX+

I currently have a 8800GT in an Am2 x2 4800 @ 2.8 , with 4 gigs of 800 mhz kingston value ram , my step was running out in a couple of days and i figured i mite as well way my options. I wont be going to GTXS 260 , or GTX 280 because there not worth it and i would have have to spend about 250$ on a PSU as well . ( my current PSU is an antec 500watt smart power that came with my antec 1050b ) I did the step for a 9800GTX+ and it would cost me 59$ if i did it , right now the card is back order but what do you guys think ? is it worth it ? Or should i just stick with my 8800 GT .
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  1. The 8800GT is still a very good card, there has been a lot of late releases but you shouldn't throw away the 8800GT. If you want something better then get the 4850 or 4870 or wait for the 4870x2. The GTX cards aren't very good for the fortune they cost.
  2. How do the 9800GTX cost a fortune? New Egg has one now for $175 with rebate:


    With that said, I have both cards in different rigs and the 9800GTX is a step up. It is not a huge difference though. Maybe 5 - 10 fps in most games.
  3. Ya but mine would be the 9800GTX+ it would cost me 59$ more I think im going to get it !!
  4. Yeah that's not a bad deal. You'll gain a 4850 type performance level for only $59 dollars.
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