Need to build a new system, tight budget.

Hi guys, just signed up.I need some help please.

My little brother just screwed up his 4 years old HP computer. We get a "NTLDR is missing" error and tried whatever I culd but I will need the windows XP disc to get it working again for the other solutions. But I can justifie enough to buy a OS so I want to build a new computer using some of the parts fro the old HP , if possible.

Here are the specs:
-AMD Athlon(64) XP 3200+ running at 2.0 GHz
-GeForce4 FX5200XT (Lancer) 128mb agp 8x
-512 ddr ram
-200gb HD seagate
-Im not sure, I guess its a socket 754 mobo

The thing is I cant go over 500$ os included.

I didnt list parts already because I know people would post better things. I do have a thinking going on though.
Instead ill list what my bro usually do. He is casual gamer, like Age of empires 3 sometimes, on low and usually on the net or play free online games.
I think I like Intel better but its more expensive that way right?

Oh and im in Canada and will be buying my parts from NCIX, but thats not really a problem because I dont think the price differences are that huge. At most ill get my Mom to help me out... :)
Just a side question, where is everybody getting there OS with system buildups, nobody lists it in theyre budget? Can you just reuse the CD numerus times or what? Am I missing something here??

Thanks guys
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  1. I'm going to cop out since i can't get a decent rig at that budget.
    A refurbished Gateway comes with a manufacturers 90 day warranty.
    from AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ $380
    add a OCZ 500w power supply for $47 after rebate
    add a 9600GSO graphic card for $115 after rebate
    That's about $542 after rebates and without taxes and shipping, wish i could do better, but Canadian prices are killer.
    I've always wondered why the OS isn't usually added into the builds either, every system needs one and it should be added.... of course i have an unused XP disc in a drawer, so it must be an enthusiast thing
  2. Canadian prices aren't bad, if you know where to shop.
  3. pick up an AMD 780G mobo
    a cheap dual core
    2x 2gigs of ram
    vista 64
    should be able to reuse:
    optical drive

    should be less than $300 and give lots of room to grow
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