My first overclock, is it ok?

Well i built my pc about 6 months ago, and only now decided to try and overclock for the first time. I did plenty of research and stuff before any attempt was made. My specs are:

E8400, now at 3.6
2 x leadtek 260's
2gb of 1066mhz RAM
320 gb hard drive
2 x optical drives
Corsair 750w PSU
5 x 120 fans + 200 fan

When i did the overclock i wanted it for 3.6ghz, from being 3.00ghz originally. I looked into it and was assurred that 1.22 as the voltage for the CPU was ample, without making it too hot. I did the OCCT test whilst having RealTemp recording the results. It ended with max being 52 degree celsius. I saw others with similar results and was happy with it, but now i guess im just fretting. Is this a good temp for it to run at for a 3.6ghz overclock? And is this a good voltage to have it running at anyways? Please, i just need my mind at ease knowing that i have the temps and voltage right...

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  1. ok i just tested all of the same as above, but now with intel burn test and its max temp now was 60C! Thats too high isnt it? and why would OCCT give a max of 52C, and intel burn 60C? Intel said my oc was stable, but i do not know which one to follow. Just need someone to tell me what they think on these two messages,....
  2. I run at 4.2 @ 1.38v so you are good to go on the voltage. Nice and low.

    60C is a bit warm for 3.6 ( 1.22 ) but it's not over the edge. My 8400 runs 60-62 @ 4.0 1.38v. Did you run it again to establish an average ? I wouldn't be alarmed because that is max temp while 100% stress testing. If it was me I would re-apply compound and re-seat the HSF. Are you using a stock cooler ?
  3. I will run it a few more times just to get an idea of what it is averaging on. I am using a Xigmatek heat-pipe with a fan attatched. My min is always 33C, and thats not too much variation to 60C is it? Ah what do you mean by reseat the HSF?
  4. Ok i did another test with intel and reached max of 57C, its a bit better... Oh and i checked the voltage, its actual 1.24 soz. Should i lower the voltage at all? so that it wont run as hot?
  5. with a stock intel heatsink your results are good , if you have a quality aftermarket cooler then your temps are probably a bit high , but still safe for the cpu
  6. I Wouldnt Worry Too Much About The Temp, If Its Stable And Dosent Shut Off During Hours Of A Full Load, Then Its Good, My Athlon X2 4400+ (Stock 2.3GHz) Is Running At 2.8GHz With A Zalman With No Issues Its Gets A Bit Warm, Idle Is 120F And Max Load Is 160F Well Below The Danger Point (And Even If It Got That Far It Would Shut Down) And Besides EVen If Higher Temps And Voltage Can Eventually Cause A CPU To Fail You Will Have Upgraded Way Before That Happens.
  7. thanks a bunch guys, really put my mind at ease, happy overclocking everyone! lol

  8. You will be satisfied for the time being at 3.6 but soon you will get bored and want to go higher. let us know when !! lol
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