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am using 2 wd raptor's(74 gig) in a raid 0, but i am not satisfied about the performance. had to replace the deisk twice in the last year; so i also had to rebuild my raid 0 agian and lost dat6a. Am thinkin about a raid 5(my asus p6t supports that) and buying a used raptor or replacing the raptors with somehting else. SSD is no option(too expensive) but if a want a raid 0 or 5 what disks should i use for performace and reliability? I googled for benchmark test's but i found benchmarks of ibm 80 gb drives but no benchmarks from rpesent time hd's.
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  1. you do realize that raptors vs normal disks dont really help out that much, maybe 1 or 2 frames

    just get a normal hardrive
  2. the problem is, what drive should i get.
  3. any old sata 7,200 should be fine, just decide how big the drive you need and you will be set
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