comcast high defintion cable channels through a tuner card?

i'm getting confused. i'm beginning to think that what i'd like isn't possible.

can i get a tuner card which can play high definition channels from cable? not my local news channel, but espnhd for example?

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  1. As far as I know, the only solution is the ATI digital cable tuner.

    I think you can only get it with a new PC from either Dell, HP, or other vendors.
  2. this is what i'm gathering as well. the only way to get espn hd then is to buy a pre-built computer from a few select companies (who still buys pre-built if they want a good computer?) or to have a tv that already has one built in?

    my understanding is i can buy one of these ati digital cable tuners but there is no way to make it work without the above said pre-built. is this really true? only local channel hd content on pc's still? then what is an htpc and what is media center for?

    should i just buy a good tuner card of some sort from hauppauge then and watch local hd through the comcast box and wish for the day that i can watch their other channels hd? i have to pay extra to get their channels in hd and pay extra to get a separate set top box for hd, but then i'll still only be able to watch the local channels in hd???
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