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Thats the current build, but I'd like to shave off some money if its possible, without risking any performance. And maybe you could find something to increase performance without increasing price.

The video card, monitor, and case are a must.

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  1. Looks very nice mate :) Dont change anything however you can save $10 by choosing OCZ STEALTHXSTREAM 600W its like the PSU u choosed but $10 cheaper :)
  2. just a note you can get the OCZ reaper memory for a little less than what you have there.

    you can even get the 1066MHz for cheaper.
  3. The RAM that he has choosed is 4GB and has the same specs as the first REAPER one u posted (the timings and the voltage of the RAM that he has choosed is better and the REAPER one has better cooling, so the difference isn't much) then why go from 4GB to 2GB when u can afford the 4GB ? :)
  4. oh sorry i saw the 2x2gbs and for some reason i didnt realize that was 4gb. sorry im losing it. lol.
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